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Ok.Thanks. One of the reasons I came to this RF is that I could ask questions. Would prefer administrator response because they are solid doctrine, grounded in the Word.
Here is my dilema: Several years ago I went to a "church" (small group of people) after meeting Jesus (was told to go from a friend of a friend). The "pastor" talked about angels and said he saw angels, knew their names and dreamt about them. He asked me my experience and wanted me to "interprete" his dreams. I later found out he was seeing if I was like him. I told him I have never seen angels, or dreamt about them or even considered to explore that. I told him that the Bible said anyone who saw angels were afraid d/t thier reverence and honour of the Almighty. No where in the Bible did anyone talked about them as thier friends or saw them frequently like it was a special thing. I told the pastor that I disagreeded with him. Of couarse he got angry and thought I needed special counseling. He implied like I was ignorant and He was superior. I thought he was nuts. Needless to say I left that church after awhile because of the weird things and trying to brainwash me. Now recently my landlady was speaking of the samething about angels and was trying to get me to intepret and agree with her. I flatly refused and said she can do what she wants and I told her what I believed.
Now I have never heard of this kind of talk and I am wondering: did I miss something in the Bible? I really do not want to pray for "angelic revelation". I have never heard of other christians talk like this. I now go to a born again Bible believing church with no crazy talk. Just a love for the Lord, evangelism and prayers. I believe to keep it simple. No crazy stuff. Would appreciate moderator feedback with scripture. Thanks.


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If you want to talk about angels and things like their role in the Bible, which ones are mentioned in scripture, etc. that is fine. However, we will not entertain things like you mentioned where people claim to have regular encounters with angels, interpreting dreams, etc. That stuff is subjective and no one can verify or determine if what someone says is valid or not. We just stay away form that stuff as it has caused problems in the past.

When in doubt, please check the forum rules:

[07] No Dream threads or threads supporting 'Words of Knowledge', WOF, Angel or Ghost sightings, Rapture dreams or prophetic visions, Words of Faith, Bible Codes, personal spiritual encounters, astrology, star gazing, Rapture trumpet sounds, the Hebrew zodiac, Jesus comets, personal messages or words from God, personal letters from Jesus, self perceived signs of future events, unique events perceived as signs from God, personal prophecies, cloud formations, Holy Laughter, psychic abilities, trips to heaven or hell and back, or any other subjective experiences that suggest these observations are common Christian experiences.
We encourage you to study and read from God's Word and keep a credible appearance before the watching world. (II Timothy 2:15) Dream threads spiral down into subjective vain reasonings and will be closed or removed.

You can always report a thread you start in order to have it reviewed by a mod team member for suitability on the forums. I hope that helps?

By the way, welcome to the forums. :)

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I guess I was upset that people are asking me about it.
It sounds like you had a couple of bazaar experiences in having two different people really trying to get you to focus on angels rather than the direct revelation of God Himself through His Word, sounds like a signature move of our enemy of God, satan. I'd be wondering what in the world was going on as well. :nod

I've heard of several situations where someone is a new Christian and then somehow 'happen' to get introduced to false movements or teachings persistently. We have an enemy who if he can't keep a person in deception anymore will then move to try to direct a new Christian to a false church, movement or organization to try to keep a Christian from growing in Christ. Of course our enemy is no match for God and God is faithful that no one can snatch His loved ones from His hands.

Praise God that you got out of that church and to one that sounds biblically based. :nod

You are not ignorant but wise in that you turned away from these attempts to give unbiblical attention to angels and turned to the Word of God to give direction instead. For in the Word of God, angels sent by Him direct attention and worship right back to God and His Word. So, no, you didn't miss anything in the Bible in regards to what these people were trying to get you to focus on.

Just stay in God's Word and really get to know those scriptures.....they will protect and guide you when you encounter false teachings. :)

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Thank you for the encouragement and kind words. I like a simple basic bible church and is very happy that the Lord directed me there. I apologize if I said anything bad. I guess as times roll along, there will be more bizarre or crazy talk. I try to keep it simple. Love you guys in the Lord!
You did nothing wrong. Posting takes a little getting used to. Start by reading through the rules and some of the announcements. Keep posting. Welcome to RF. God brought you here for a reason. We would be pleased to have you watch and wait with us.