Angels: The Joker vs. The General


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There's a stark difference between making fun of them and discussing them, or even comparing them. When Satan tempted Jesus, Jesus used the word of God. So, when Satan whispers in your ear, use the word of God. When the devils remind you of your past, use the word of God to remind them of their future!
Agreed, but I never disputed that we are allowed to discuss them, compare them or use the Word of God to destroy their lies.

What I do have a problem with is the business of reviling them.

Reviling? I think you're taking my words out of context. I believe "reviling" angelic majesties infers to not messing with them, hence the prohibition by God against anything to do with the occult. .
Let's pause for a moment and examine the word Revile. Here is the definition and it means To assail with scornful or abusive language; vituperate. To use scornful or abusive language.

The Oxford dictionary online talks about the definition as speaking contemptuously.

Reviling means making fun of someone or something with scornful and abusive language. Putting them down by making fun of them.

This is exactly what calling Satan a clown or a jester or a joker is. Reviling. Making fun of an angelic fallen personage by belittling them.

It does NOT mean "messing with them". Nor does it mean engaging with them thru the occult.

Reviling is making fun of, belittling, speaking with contempt towards, speaking scornfully and abusively.

And that is what Jude and Peter warned about specifically.

As Mish and Sowen have more than adequately pointed out, these beings are NOT to be called clowns, jesters or jokers. It is not Biblical and it is strictly condemned by both Jude and Peter.

And the idea that God requires "entertainment" is really wrong. You've seriously misquoted scripture here:
In other words, Lucifer was created to bring God glory by giving Him entertainment!
God is entitled to all praise and worship. He doesn't NEED anything. And He isn't in search of entertainment. If anything seeing His creation turn to sin and self destruction is very painful.

And as musicians, angels who are in that order, provide Praise and WORSHIP as worship leaders do, NOT as entertainers who amuse a fallen human monarch laughing at a team of jugglers and clowns.

The implication that God needs entertaining or that He could be bored or out of sorts without a team of entertainers is blasphemous.

The purpose of musical angelic beings is for the purposes of WORSHIP

All that said however I agree with the others, we understand you didnt' mean it wrong. It's just that we have to be careful with what the Bible is saying. And we all mess up on that regularly. So no harm meant towards you brother. Just trying to get thru to the meaning of the Word of God. Accurately handling the Word. And that is a lifelong learning process.
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