Angel sculpture made out of knives.

Discussion in 'The Rapture, Bible Prophecy, and End Times Chat' started by daygo, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. daygo

    daygo Well-Known Member

    BBC news has reported on a sculpture of an angel made out of knives that were confiscated some of which were used to commit crimes. I think it's an abomination and it's put outside Coventry cathedral, everyone's saying it's beautiful even Christians are saying it, am I missing something what do others think.
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  2. Batfan7

    Batfan7 Well-Known Member

    I can't comment on the aesthetics of this art (not having seen it), but the idea of taking something evil and remaking it into something good is something I could approve of.
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  3. madcat

    madcat Well-Known Member

    Kinda’ “Nephilim” looking to me. Doesn’t exactly conjure up the warm fuzzies.
  4. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    Looks more like an angel of death to me.
  5. chaser

    chaser Well-Known Member

    Have to agree with madcat & Kaatje does not look like a bearer of good tidings :eek:
  6. GotGrace

    GotGrace Well-Known Member

    Ewwww looks creepy.
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  7. Hsmommy

    Hsmommy Well-Known Member

    Looks closely related to the thing hanging on the wall behind it. Neither is my idea of art.
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  8. Lynn

    Lynn Well-Known Member

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  9. Batfan7

    Batfan7 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, now that I've seen it, I'd say it's ugly. But I still think the "recycling" of something evil into something "good" can help bring some people peace. It just reminds me of the "beat their swords into plowshares" verse. It may not be tasteful art, but I give credit for the effort.
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  10. madcat

    madcat Well-Known Member

    Yeah, next time they should just make a nice clock or something.
  11. DanLMP

    DanLMP Well-Known Member

    Or dinner. Then they would have a good and better use for all those knives.
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