Anchorage Strip Club Converted into Church By Daughter of Former Exotic Dancer


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A once popular strip club in Anchorage, Alaska, has been converted into a church by the daughter of a former exotic dancer.​

The Anchorage Daily News reports “Linda Dunegan believes divine intervention played a hand in transforming the building that housed Fantasies on 5th into the start-up Open Door Baptist Church, turning the show floor into a sanctuary and trading the dancer’s pole with a pulpit.”

"I would say God is pleased to have a change, a transformation in the building, a place that really ultimately points more people towards him instead of away,” Pastor Kenny Menendez said.

He hopes that the church will be found by those who need it, as it sits between a marijuana store, a sex shop and downtrodden motels.

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There were a lot of those strip clubs in the interior during the pipeline building days. When I first came up in the early 80s the pipeline economy had crashed but quite a few of the strip clubs were still in business. Not so much today. There might be one or two in town now... I'm not really sure.

It's nice to see the one in Anchorage turned into a church. A lot of homeless hang out in the area where that church is at. It's towards the northern end of the old down down section of Anchorage. There are lot's of liquor stores around that vicinity.
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