An entire Canadian town is up in flames after temperatures soared to a record-breaking 121 degrees


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  • The Canadian village of Lytton has been set ablaze following several days of record-breaking temperatures.
  • For the past three days, the thermometer has climbed to a staggering 121 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The town's mayor has issued an evacuation notice.
The Canadian town of Lytton in British Columbia has been engulfed in flames after temperatures there soared to a record 121 degrees Fahrenheit.



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They can't even go in to get the bodies easily, the fire is still burning and there are some dangers -- too much to allow easy access to the coroners service into some areas of town. And there are bodies sadly.

But the temperatures have come down drastically. The smoke blanketing our area is blocking the sunlight so our area has come down to a cooler 33C (91.4F) and the Lytton area is a few degrees above us still but in similar smoky conditions. The fire is still burning on the edge of Lytton.

Right now a bunch more fires sprang up due to lightening strikes and embers being blown thru the air from existing fires. It's a problem all over BC as that heat dome was centred above the south eastern area of BC.

Several other towns are under evacuation alerts or orders. Praying for rain without lightening, soaking cold rain.