Amnesty calls teen stabber a victim of 'Israeli apartheid' and justice system


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Amnesty calls teen stabber a victim of 'Israeli apartheid' and justice system
Ahmad Manasrah "lost his childhood in Israel's prison system," said Amnesty International.
Published: JUNE 23, 2022

Ahmad Manasrah, who engaged in a stabbing attack in Pisgat Ze'ev in 2015, was called a victim of 'Israeli Apartheid' and the Israeli justice system by the human rights NGO Amnesty International on Wednesday. "20-year-old Ahmad Manasrah is one of many victims of [Israeli Apartheid’s] discriminatory justice system, where torture is routinely used against Palestinians," Amnesty tweeted. "His health is now at stake." Amnesty asserted that Manasrah had "lost his childhood in Israel's prison system," and called on Israeli politicians to free him due to deteriorating health.

On Friday, Amnesty published a statement regarding a parole board hearing on Sunday. Amnesty contends that Mansarah is suffering from schizophrenia, psychotic delusions, depression, and suicidal ideation, and should be released and given medical care.

“Ahmad Manasrah has been subjected to a catalogue of injustices by the Israeli authorities, including deleterious effects of incarceration on his development and prolonged solitary confinement," said Heba Morayef, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa in the Amnesty statement on Friday. "He endured ill-treatment during interrogations, which were conducted without his parents or lawyers’ presence, and was denied the right to a fair trial. He should have been released a long time ago, yet he remains in unnecessary suffering in Israeli prisons.”