Amichai Chikli to INN: 'Ayelet Shaked is irresponsible'


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Amichai Chikli to INN: 'Ayelet Shaked is irresponsible'
The Likud candidate tells INN that his goal is to work on the areas in which he criticized his current party in the past
Yoni Kempinski
Oct 30, 2022

Two days before the elections, Likud candidate former MK Amichai Chikli sat down with Israel National News to discuss the upcoming elections, his former party mate Ayelet Shaked, and more. Chikli begins by describing how he's been spending the last days in preparation for election day. "There's a lot of tension, we are all over the place, speaking to youth in pre-army academies, talking on the phone with people who are debating whether to go to vote or not. I spent the whole Saturday going from one synagogue to the next, and from there I went to speak to potential voters in Modiin. We are working very hard."