America's official state religion


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It's interesting that those who preach so much about our so-called separation of church and state are imposing their own doctrine on us as a de facto official state religion. This is one of the reasons I refer to liberalism as a cult.

Most of what our government does these days is based in liberal doctrine: so-called fairness, wealth redistribution, and other manifestations of socialism, social engineering, and similar things are done because the moral code of liberalism says they must be done.

Liberal dogma is programmed into our children in the public schools; this includes: feminism, homosexuality-is-normal, the white male has been a force for evil, multiculturalism, anything called racism is heresy, and other parts of the dogmatic liberal belief system.

There is a threat of being fired, expelled, and excommunicated for expressing thought that has been forbidden by the high seers of liberalism. You can curse our Lord all day with no fear, but get caught by a member of the liberal thought police expressing thought that has been forbidden by liberalism and see what happens. This is usually referred to as political correctness. I like to call it thoughtcrime enforcement because of its Orwellian nature. But whatever it's called, it's a manifestation of a certain moral code being imposed on us. The so-called tolerance they preach only applies to things they consider to be ok; of all other things they are intolerant.

If things like these were done because they were based in Christian doctrine, Christianity could be called our official state religion. So is it fair to say now that liberalism is our official state religion?

Liberals like to tell us that their belief system is not a religion because it comes from man instead of God, or any god; it's a sect of Humanism in other words. So laws can be based in their moral code but not in ours. Pretty convenient don't you think? The moral code of those who worship man instead of God determines our nation's path, and those whose moral code comes from God are commanded to keep our morality out of it. Coming up with such a good lie takes mastery of deception; you might even call the author of this one a prince among liars.
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Liberalism and Tolerance (of all things liberal/unbiblical), the twin pillars of the coming One World Religion.