Americans don't support the reality of gay marriage. Here’s proof


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Americans don't support the reality of gay marriage. Here’s proof

America has increasingly defined itself as a land that lives by fictions. One of the most pervasive lies insists that Americans support same-sex marriage by ever-increasing margins. But occasionally, one of the media’s myths runs into a contradictory reality that people know is true in their bones.

The belief that married people should not have sex with anyone except their spouse comes as close to a universally accepted truth as this country can muster. That sets public support for same-sex marriage on a collision course with itself.

In a world of changing mores, public revulsion of cheating has remained a constant for decades. In 2001, 89% of Americans found “married men or women having an affair” morally unacceptable; this summer, the same percentage felt that way. The belief cuts across all political classes: 96% of conservatives and 86% of liberals abhor adultery. A Newsweek poll found 88% of married people say they would never have an extramarital fling, even if they “knew for certain that it would never come to light.” Adultery remains so morally repugnant that more than two-thirds of Americans say they would never forgive a spouse who cheated on them.

These polls mean, in effect, that nine out of 10 Americans oppose same-sex marriage, which has no expectation — much less realization — of remaining sexually faithful to one partner “til death do us part.” At least, so say LGBT activists and numerous studies of the LGBT community. (more)


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It's that underlying influence of Biblical doctrine and the Holy Spirit.
People, in their heart of hearts, know what is right and what is wrong.
Also, the gap between conservatives and liberals who believe adultery is wrong is rather telling to me. As things move along more and more liberal "Christians" are going to be forced to either reject the Word of God out right, or re-evaluate their political position.