American University in Washington DC Moves to Mandate Use of ‘Preferred Pronouns’


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American University in Washington, DC, is moving toward making the use of non-binary, preferred pronouns mandatory for faculty when addressing students.
The university’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion asks faculty to address students by their “chosen name and pronouns” so as to make gender non-conforming students feel welcome, according to the attentive folks at the College Fix.

The school’s pronoun guide instructs community members to ask others what pronouns they use to describe themselves and to then adopt those pronouns when speaking to or about them.
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I'll never abide by this rule anywhere at all.


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There are safe words one can incorporate so as to not concede to the dysfunction these people suffer and while keeping to one's moral ground. Using the possessive pronoun, "they" , for example. As in, "Are they in?" "I was asked to bring this to their office, when will they be back please?"
Or use the name they go by.

Trans-Afflicted persons will never be that opposite gender regardless of how they choose to mutilate their God given bodies. They'll simply be men, who have had implants put in themselves, or surgery to amputate something .
Same with females.

In my opinion it is gross malpractice for the psychological association , APA, to concede this is not a mental illness anymore. While the DSM still hasan entry for BID, or Body integrity dysphoria still exists in the current DSM.
As does
Depersonalization dissociative identity disorder .
Or perhaps those diagnosis still exist because the APA secretly know those conditions fully encompass what is now no longer "PC", with regard to Gender Identity Disorder's former diagnosis.


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If they impose speech control as part of the indoctrination of their students into a cult that is not only satanic but also literally at war with America, they should change the name to Un-American University. Or maybe Anti-American University.

This is another manifestation of liberalism being imposed on America as a de facto official state religion. Can you imagine the kind of fit liberals would throw if speech codes were enforced based in Christian Ideology? So why are codes based in liberal dogma ok? Political correctness really means liberal correctness, since it is the liberal cult that decides what speech is forbidden. So why is liberal correctness ok but Christian correctness is not ok? Even American patriot correctness would not be allowed.

The answer to these questions is all too clear: liberalism is being imposed on us as an official state religion, with most of what government does based in its doctrines, and those doctrines even overriding Constitutional law. And liberal dogma is programmed into our kids in the government schools. By way of government edict, people are kicked out of schools (and even fired from their jobs) for expressing thought that has been forbidden by the high priests of the official state religion.

Those who seek to force their moral code on us typically respond to this by claiming that if there is no higher power in the belief system it’s not really a religion. And that's what supposedly makes this imposition of a moral code by government edict all ok. But this is just one more among a legion of lies, and it's a lie that can easily be exposed.

Words often have multiple definitions, with which one is the right one based in context and purpose. Consider the number two and number six definitions of religion from Dictionary. com: “2, a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects. 6, something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience.” These are the definitions that matter in regard to the context of religious freedom and the purpose of it, because whether the set of beliefs is based in faith in God or faith in Man, either way, a belief system is the basis of law and is imposed on society by government: one group imposes its moral code on another, using government power.

Since the purpose of codified rights is to limit government power (or at least was at the time the First Amendment was written), the law was written in that context. The founding fathers did not write a law saying that men who base their opinions on a belief in God can not have a voice in making law, or that their moral code can not be taught in government schools, but those who do not believe in God can do those things. That clearly was not their purpose; since so many of them were devout Christians, they would not have written a law saying that pagans can make law based in their pagan beliefs but Christians can not base law in our beliefs.

Liberal dogma having been imposed on America (and Europe, Canada, etc.) as an official state religion is an example of evil triumphing because too many good men did too little.

And we are only seeing the beginning. As the liberal cult continues to expand its power base by importing a million marxist voters a year from the third world, this imposition will increase. Exponentially. Welcome to the new world order my friends.
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The school’s pronoun guide instructs community members to ask others what pronouns they use to describe themselves and to then adopt those pronouns when speaking to or about them.
How are they supposed to remember who goes by which pronoun? For goodness sake, I often forget names about 30 seconds after I hear them!
Perhaps it should be mandatory for it's preferred pronoun to be tattooed on it's forehead...