America Is Starting to Run Out of Americans


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America Is Starting to Run Out of Americans
By Bryan Fischer

America is beginning to run out of Americans. We are breeding ourselves out of existence. Our fertility rate has plunged to 1.7 births per woman, the lowest it has ever been. Since the replacement rate is 2.1, this generation isn’t even making enough babies to replace itself.

And it’s not just an American problem. Japan’s fertility rate is so low that, according to Foreign Policy magazine, the last Japanese baby in history will be born before the end of this millennium. After that, the Japanese people will vanish from the earth.

Because of the use of abortion as a birth control method and a low fertility rate, Russia’s population is shrinking by 750,000 a year. The replacement rate in some European countries (Italy, for example) has dropped so low that they will never recover. According to demographers, once the fertility rate in a country drops below 1.3, it is biologically impossible for that country to recover.

Angela Merkel realized that Germany was running out of Germans because German families were simply not having children. Giving up on a homegrown solution, she decided she would let every Muslim in the world immigrate to Germany, no questions asked. This, in turn, is creating immense social problems, beginning with a complete lack of assimilation and ending with a skyrocketing crime rate and an ongoing battle with domestic terrorism.

China is now desperately trying to reverse the catastrophic effects of its “one child” policy on its demography. Because male offspring were more highly prized under the one-child regime, female babies were aborted or murdered by the millions. There are now 70 million more men than women in China. If a Chinese man wants to marry, have children, and settle down, where is he going to find somebody to do it with?

Chinese mega-billionaire Jack Ma is leading the cultural crusade for Chinese couples to have more sex and have more babies. And he reminds his fellow Chinese that marriage is not just about building bank accounts but about building families. “Marriage is not for the purpose of accumulating wealth, not for buying a house, not for buying a car, but for having a child together.”

Decaying cultural norms have certainly contributed to the drop in fertility in the United States. The aggressive warfare being waged by the regressive left against masculinity is having a huge impact. A whole lot of Americans have been convinced that there is something inherently toxic and oppressive about normative American masculinity, which consists of such things as strength, perseverance, dedication, commitment, risk-taking, providing for a family, protecting a family, carving out a career, and using masculine strength to confront evil.

Pornography is particularly pernicious, leaving many perfectly healthy college males functionally impotent, and robbing even apparently healthy marriages of sexual intimacy.

The result of all this is that we are not making men like we used to. In fact, as one writer said, we are not making them at all. Testosterone levels in American males have dropped an alarming 17% since 1987, and the average millennial male today has the grip strength of a 30-year-old woman. Some estimates are that only one in five American males now even has the biological capacity to father children.

[A central factor in the decline of American masculinity is the absence of fathers in the life of boys. A tragic 39% of school-aged boys live in a home without their biological fathers. We need to get dads more involved in mentoring their sons. I’ve made a modest effort to contribute to the solution with “The Boy to Man Book,” designed for fathers to read with their 12-year-old sons. You can pick up a copy at]

A dropping fertility rate has immense implications for the American economy. As FRC notes, “Fewer babies means fewer workers, and fewer workers mean less economic growth, and a smaller tax base, and even less consumer spending. If we continue down this path, the country will have a workforce too small to support their parents’ generation of retirees.”

The Wall Street Journal points out that because of illegal immigration and the drop in the birth rate of the native-born, the share of the workers in our economy who were not born here (17.5%) has reached its highest level in decades.

The bottom line is that America is already starting to run out of Americans. What’s the solution? As always, it’s found in Scripture. God says in Genesis 1:28 that we are to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” He’s never changed his mind about that.

Now if American families are going to “multiply” and not just replace themselves, if they are going to leave more people behind than they found, they need to have an average of at least three children. Large families are not a burden, nor are they the enemies of America’s future – they are America’s future.


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My daughter has noticed, within her immediate circle of Christian couples, several are completely infertile. They want to have large families, and glorify God by raising them up to serve Him, and they aren't medically able. By God's grace, she and her dh have now got 5 daughters but she feels so bad every time they have a happy announcement to make, that several couples will have tears in their eyes, and sorrow in their heart.

We've wondered about everything from plastics, to soy foods which involve a lot of estrogen mimic chemicals, as well as pesticides and herbicides.

What Satan isn't killing on the abortion tables, he is preventing with toxic chemicals I suppose. The nearness of the Rapture is what we both consider when looking at this problem.


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This is an interesting video that is most definitely focused on poverty but it has a direct correlation to the birthrate numbers and the ramifications of low birthrate replacement based immigration. It's only 6 minutes long. It is apolitical and even has a lot of pretty colors!

The world is in a lot of trouble. If only there was some Savior with the ability to raise people up from the miry clay and give them hope.


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I don't know that I agree. The average age for American women to have their first baby hovers around the 27 year mark. Not past fertility at all.
True. But this statistic, by definition, only involves American women who actually have babies. And they are a relatively small percentage of the total female population. The statistic does not include those of child-bearing age who choose not to have children, nor those who marry at an age where they are no longer capable of child-bearing. And that was the point of the story. There are no longer enough traditional American women giving birth to enough children to ensure the continuation of the traditional American people.


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In my entire family, of those my generation (6 total) there was only 1 that had kids and she is done after 2. My brother and his wife are mid-30s and expecting in August but had to do in-vitro. 2 others are gay, and I had too many health problems. So out of the 6 of us, only 3 to go forward. Pretty scary.


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I've been wanting to have children since I was 25; now, I am 34, but there is not a husband-material man in sight. So, I wish I could have 5 kids, like my mom did, but I don't think that will happen. I have "kids" that I coach in ocean sports and the kids who still contact me from the school I used to work at. But yeah, for women longing to have a family, but cannot, I feel this. :-(


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I see this idea of "Americans disappearing" all over the country as I drive. Middle Eastern, Arabs, Hispanic, all everywhere! Where I ask is the traditional American Truck Driver?? They're there but seems as tho' we're being FORCED into an area of non-existence!!
By "americans" what you really mean here, I assume, is "white people"


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I believe Satan delights in low fertility rates. This supports his goal of open borders and OWG with his man (the AC) running the show. If it destroys the nuclear family it helps Satan. Divorce, abortion, low fertility, homosexual marriages, shacking up, all work in Satan's scheme of things.


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I remember many years ago in the Philippines, the previous president promoted a reproductive bill that was aimed at educating the public on responsible parenthood, which included the use of contraceptions such as condoms and birth control pills, minus abortion. It was an odd moment in our country's history because most of us Evangelicals supported the bill while the Catholics were vehemently against it. Looking back, I now regret it, because although we justified it by saying we didn't support abortion, only contraceptions, still I think it was never God's plan to curb population that way and that our country's problems stem not from having too much people but from endemic corruption and mismanagement.


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I believe Satan delights in low fertility rates. This supports his goal of open borders and OWG with his man (the AC) running the show. If it destroys the nuclear family it helps Satan. Divorce, abortion, low fertility, homosexual marriages, shacking up, all work in Satan's scheme of things.
Yes, this is exactly where some of the problem lies. The father of lies. Divorce, abortion, fertility problems, homosexuality, STDs running rampant thru our culture that encourages multiple sex partners, therefore spreading infertility with many of the STDs.

Even when you look at plastics and pesticides, there's a greed factor that had Satan's thumbprints on that too. Because companies and executives who hid bad test results to get things thru to market without being held up by a few lab results that showed serious issues.

Monsanto just lost another case because of the long term effects of Roundup, and I don't know how many people's fertility problems might be tied to similar chemicals that have long been thought of as safe.

Even chemical sunscreens have lost their GRAS rating, the Generally Recognized as Safe. Mineral sunscreens still are safe, but the reason the chemical ones just lost that top safety rating, is because they are proven to leach into the blood from the skin, something the manufacturers have long denied. They are still sold, and ok to use, it's just now it's recognized that yes, they do leach into the body. We just don't know what all they do to the body.

A lot of chemicals in things like shampoo, body wash, lotions etc are like that.