Alleged Israeli airstrike targets sites in western Syria


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Alleged Israeli airstrike targets sites in western Syria
The airstrike is the fourth alleged Israeli strike on Syria in the past month.
Published: NOVEMBER 24, 2021

Four Syrian soldiers were injured in an alleged Israeli airstrike that targeted sites in Homs in western Syria on Tuesday night, according to Syrian state news agency SANA. Material damage was also caused in the airstrikes. According to SANA, the airstrikes were carried out from the northeast of Beirut. The report claimed that most of the missiles were shot down by Syrian air defenses. The airstrikes come exactly a week after the IDF fired two missiles from the Golan Heights towards an empty building south of Damascus. One of the missiles was shot down and no losses were caused, according to the report. It is unclear whether the missiles were fired from an aircraft or were surface-to-surface ones.