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Facebook is now determining what information you should see in your newsfeed.

How to Take Control

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You can bookmark by clicking: Bookmark This Site This is the most important way you can get personally involved in rescuing conservative media from tech giants looking to shut us up. There's a big silver lining for you visiting us directly, too. If you usually come to our site via Facebook then you're probably only seeing a fraction of our great content, and by surfing to the site yourself, you'll discover a world of great articles, commentary, and conversation. If you’re only using Facebook to travel to our site, then according to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, you may never see this site in your newsfeed again.

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About Facebook's Changes

Changes are being made behind closed doors at the social media and tech giant companies that handle most of America's internet traffic.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other companies have been actively searching for new methods to throttle content they don't like in an effort to promote content they prefer. Sometimes the reasons are financially driven; they can make more money from certain sites than others. But other times the reasons seem more insidious and anti-freedom.

On January 11th, 2018, Facebook made major headlines when their founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that they would be eliminating most "news" from the newsfeed on their platform. The decision immediately cost Facebook stockholders hundreds of millions of dollars. It may sound like a simple change, but in reality what it will do is eliminate most of the conservative media content that you come to Facebook to discover and talk about.

Here's what Zuckerberg had to say:


It doesn't matter if you asked to see that content by "liking" a Facebook page. It doesn't matter if you enjoy viewing that content in your newsfeed. It doesn't matter if getting your daily news fix is a big reason you use Facebook.

Facebook knows best and so they will now only show you the things that they want you to see.

Zuckerberg says that they are making these changes to improve the user experience on Facebook. However, the reality is they are doing it in an effort to "solve a problem."

The problem emerged in 2016 when conservatives used social media to help Donald Trump win the White House. Instead of recognizing that the American people were calling for a change, the left immediately began searching for scapegoats on which to pin their loss. One of the first, you'll remember, was the assault on "fake news." What was "fake news?" Anything that didn't fit the leftwing, mainstream media narrative.

Over the past year, Facebook tried various tactics to kill these conservative sites; their efforts have been, sadly, very effective. A great number of popular conservative websites, which had served a role in facilitating meaningful dialog, are gone now. Many of our friends have lost their jobs, and many conservative companies have shifted away from publishing conservative content.

Facebook has severely restricted the reach of our posts. Articles shared on Facebook used to draw millions of readers to our website. Despite the growing number of likes on our Facebook page, visits from Facebook to our site have all but stopped.

By killing conservative media organizations, Facebook and Google and Twitter intend to eliminate our voice in the political arena, intend to shape the narrative according to their leftist worldview, intend to monopolize reporting their version of the news to the American people.

But, there is good news. You can help us stop them from killing conservative media.

If you care about conservative media and you want to make sure that the mainstream, liberal media isn't the only voice reporting the "news", then please join with us to fight back. We need and appreciate your support.

This is important. Please, share now.


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I hope that people will read this and take heed for the censorship that is occurring online. Let me try to put it in perspective.

If you look at the Rapture Forums Facebook feed, for example, you will see for a while now that we hardly ever have any "people reached" number counts going over 300 any more. If you go back and look at our Facebook feed 6 months back or longer you will see that having 700-1,000 people reached with each post was common. You'll even see that some Rapture Forums Facebook posts reached several thousand people reached at a time. But sadly that doesn't happen anymore. Now we know why.

Today, under the new Facebook that is against conservatives, our numbers have dropped considerably. I'm seeing more of this on Facebook than on Twitter. But we do know that Twitter doesn't like conservatives either. They just tend to tolerate us more than the other social media sites like Facebook.

They way you can fight back is to renew your habit of visiting conservative sites, like this one, and visit them daily. Don't trust Facebook and other social media outlets to tell you when your favorite sites have updated. Go and see for yourself if they have.

Rapture Forums is a Christian ministry that focuses on Bible prophecy and the conservative, fundamental teachings of Christianity. But unlike other ministries, we are owner financed (through donations and my full time job) and as a result can report on end times politics, the culture wars, and other things that non-profit ministries and outlets can't touch, but wish they could. We report from a Christian and conservative standpoint and don't have to worry about having our non-profit status revoked because we don't have one. We just have to worry about being censored and/or exposure limited. And that friends, seems to be what is happening.

So, please come and visit Rapture Forums daily. God bless.