AIPAC...Real friends of Israel?


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Article exposing AIPAC and
the myth of the Israel lobby

Santa Claus and the Israel Lobby

Like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, the Israel Lobby is a myth. AIPAC, like jolly bearded men sitting in shopping malls, exists. And like the men with fake beards and pillows under their red coats, it goes through the motions. Its activists lobby, its events attract politicians and the one thing that it and its enemies agree on is its vast sphere of political influence that, like Santa, is absolutely everywhere.

If you believe AIPAC, it’s an incredibly effective organization. If you believe its enemies, AIPAC runs America and parts of Canada. It’s not an accusation that AIPAC denies too hard. Mall Santas don’t deny that they have flying reindeer waiting for them on the roof. AIPAC is a fat man in a rented red suit and fake beard trying to pretend that it can do anything. But AIPAC would have better luck making reindeer fly than countering the dominant power of the anti-Israel left and the Saudi lobby in Washington D.C.

Santa Claus and the Israel Lobby | FrontPage Magazine


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Good one. :thumbup

Iirc, Caroline Glick also wrote on the ineffectiveness of AIPAC. I'll try to find it. Not that the conspiracists will believe it, however.