After the Eastern Ukraine, Russia plans to take Moldova


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We were just talking about this very thing over here: in which @Ghoti Ichthus mentioned she thought Moldova was next. She's right!

Here's what that article says:
"Nearly two months after Russia invaded Ukraine, a Russian general described Russia’s next phase of military operations as what may be an invasion of Moldova.

In comments reported by the Russian state-run TASS news agency on Friday, Russian Maj. Gen. Rustam Minnekaev, Deputy Commander of the Central Military District, said the “second phase” of Russian military operations in Ukraine will focus on e
stablishing a “land corridor” between Russia, the Russian-occupied territory of Crimea, and Transnistria, which is a pro-Russian breakaway region of neighboring Moldova."

Look carefully and you'll see that means the Russian shelling of Odessa today is part of the overall scheme.

Draw a line from the Crimea and the Donbas which is centred by Mariupol and take that line across southern Ukraine, to get to Moldova and it's Russian backed breakaway of Transnistria.

That LINE CUTS OFF THE ENTIRE SOUTH OF THE UKRAINE-- all seaports leaving only a tiny section of land borders that aren't controlled by Russia.

Moldova like the Ukraine, doesn't belong to NATO, and is quickly trying to become part of Europe.

This was dated March 3 and explains why Moldova is desperately trying to join the EU.

And this article explains why it's important to help Moldova join the EU NOW. Even that may not save them.


When Russia uses Moldova as an excuse AS THEY ARE, that southern "land bridge" the Russian general wants means ALL OF THE SOUTHERN UKRAINE. That would take away Odessa and every other port access to the Black Sea and the outside world leaving the Ukraine a steadily shrinking dot nearly completely surrounded by Russia.

It's an end game. Once Russia encircles the Ukraine, they can stop all access to weapons, supplies, food, you name it.

As for now the Ukraine still shares a small western border with Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania-- all NATO members-- but it's all in the far western "leg" of the Ukraine and the Ukrainian areas beside THOSE borders have come under attack as well.