After reading the Simeon thread I wanted to ask a follow up question to everyone as those were quite interesting.


Say the Rapture did happen with in the next few weeks. Where would you like to be and why?

Personally one of the places I would like to be is up at work where I happen to work with several atheist. I have had small chats with them every once in a while but they think that any educated person should not believe in fairy tales. Any way, I would like to be in a meeting with them and talking directly to them when poof I am gone. I kind of wish I could stay hovering there for just a minute or two to see what they would say to each other. See how they try to explain away how someone could literally vanish in thin air.

So how about you, where would you like to be?


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I would like to be in the same room as my four main persecutors from this year, preferably during the latest round of vitriol aimed at me and mum (dh, dd, mil and fil)... I know who has been using them of course... Now I haven't even said a dicky bird to them about the Rapture (although I have left collosal notes and have warned dh more than once about the beast ) , so their response would be interesting....

Yup, agreed with the responses above, definitely not on the toilet, although as the Bible says we are changed in a twinkling, I guess that wouldn't matter lol...Dh has planned a trip to Dublin Ireland in 2 weeks so I'll be travelling on a plane for the first time in 9 years. I'd rather it didn't happen on a plane, I haven't yet read the left behind series but doesn't the pilot get raptured??

As also said above, somewhere in a huge crowd of people would be good... What's amazing of course is God already knows where each of us will be at that precise atomos - split second!!


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Nope, he is shocked along with the stewardess (are they still called that?) at the fact that some of the passengers are missing.
Flight attendants.

I would prefer to be at home, and prefer to be awake, when our Lord calls us. I drive for a living, and would not want my truck to careen into oncoming traffic.

I would rather be caught on the toilet rather than be caught engaging in sin. That would be embarrassing.

I have a whimsical notion that we will hear different things at the Rapture; I expect to hear the song "Gospel" by the Marchforth Marching Band.

If you will indulge me, here is how I would dramatize the Event on film, if I had the skill, resources, and time:

The song's opening horns are slow, and, while the Rapture happens in the twinkling of an eye, in my mind time all but freezes for the Believers.

Scene: a crowded city sidewalk. The Believers are bathed in shafts of light, and they glance around at people (unbelievers) who are moving so slowly they seem to be frozen. Lighted Believers pick each other out in the crowd, and pure joy fills their faces.

Scene shifts to a cemetery, with a grieving congregation gathers around a coffin prepared for burial. A shaft of light hits the coffin (and, numerous graves, visible in the background). When the song's chorus begins to sing "Rise the sky", the coffin lid opens, and the person inside climbs to his feet and begins slowly to float upwards. Light-bathed believers among the mourners shield their eyes as they watch him, then look around at the graves opening around the cemetery, as more formerly deceased believers begin to rise.

Scen shifts to a high altitude, and we see people rising toward a central point in the sky, where our Lord stand with open arms.

When the chorus begins to sing a second stanza of "Rise up...", then the believers who were still mortally alive begin their ascent. As the chorus ends, and the trumpets kick back in, time begins to speed up, and the Lord and His Church begin to soar past stars and galaxies.

The end of the song returns to the earth, with those left behind looking around with wonder and concern. Those in the cemetary are walking among still-open graves--proof of what just happened. One person pulls out a Bible and begins to read.



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Anewcreation said:
I haven't even said a dicky bird to them about the Rapture

Love that "dicky bird"!!!!

I want to be holding my husband's hand on the way up. I kinda like him and would like to hang out with him forever.
I thought the same thing when I read this!

If the graves burst open when the dead in Christ are called, I'd like to be standing in the cemetary, watching


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Have to agree with you Andy, I do not want to be there either but I guess it really doesn't matter anyhow. I do hope my house is tidy, it normally is but there are the odd occasions when things are not all in good order.
:laugh I am with you, Kem. I don't mind where I am but I hope I leave the house nice and tidy! Agreeing with the general consensus on here that it would be nice if it happened at a time where family or friends saw what happened and it caused them to reflect and come to know Christ. I have my important documents in safe location and along with it is a little booklet that explains the end times.

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I want to go up with my husband and grandbabies, right in front of my hard headed daughter if she doesn't get saved beforehand.
I make a nice breakfast for everyone on the weekend (she's living with us), so yeah, during breakfast when we're all at the table.
She has a key to the house and there are spare vehicle keys. I also have a very worn bible there.

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I'd like to be napping. I rather enjoy my afternoon naps, they're very peaceful. If not then, then when I'm jogging. I enjoy that time very much too. If not then, then when I'm here, reading and posting. If not then, then just after I've polished off a delicious hamburger, but definitely not before I've finished the burger ;).