After Lying About It, Biden Admin Admits China Spying On Us From Cuba


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After Lying About It, Biden Admin Admits China Spying On Us From Cuba
An eavesdropping facility in Cuba would allow China to monitor U.S. ship traffic and bases
By Daniel Greenfield

The Obama administration undermined efforts to bring down Cuba’s Communist government and instead propped it up. The Biden administration has been aiding a leftist revival in Latin America.

And China is benefiting from the American Left’s decision to prop up its Marxist and Communist allies.

China has been spying on the U.S. from Cuba for years, according to a Biden administration official.

The admission came days after the Biden administration denied a Wall Street Journal report on Thursday that China and Cuba had reached an agreement to put an electronic eavesdropping facility in Cuba — calling the story inaccurate.

But on Saturday, the administration said that China has had a listening post in Cuba for years, that it was a problem the administration had “inherited” and that China had even upgraded the facility in 2019.

So we started with a denial that became an admission followed by blaming it on previous administrations.

But first, Biden’s people followed the Cuban Communist party line.

Cuba’s Embassy in Washington said Thursday that the article was “totally mendacious and unfounded information.” The Chinese Embassy had no comment.

The current line from Biden’s people is that they had to work out whom to blame first.

As for why the White House, Pentagon and others all flatly denied the Journal’s reporting despite knowing that China has been spying from Cuba for years, the official said the Journal story was inaccurate because it called the eavesdropping a new development.

“This is an ongoing issue, and not a new development, and the arrangement as characterized in the reporting does not comport with our understanding,” the official said.

Does not comport with our understanding. Beautiful.

The same thing happened after the spy balloon where initial denials gave way to admissions followed by assertions that it was a pre-existing problem. So it’s not their fault.

An eavesdropping facility in Cuba, roughly 100 miles from Florida, would allow Chinese intelligence services to scoop up electronic communications throughout the southeastern U.S., where many military bases are located, and monitor U.S. ship traffic.

It’s okay though because the Biden admin is laser-focused on covering up China’s spying for a photo op before Secretary of State Blinken is allowed to visit the PRC.

The White House doesn’t want another incident like the balloon episode to derail the planned talks, Western officials, congressional aides and experts told NBC News.

“They are working hard to make sure this visit happens,” said one Western diplomat, who was not authorized to speak on the record. “And they don’t want to be drawn into difficult subjects.”

This time it’s not a giant balloon traversing the continental U.S. that has presented the White House with a challenge but a possible project to build a Chinese eavesdropping site in Cuba about 100 miles off Florida’s coast.

But White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said the Wall Street Journal report was “inaccurate.” Kirby and other officials did not specify what exactly was incorrect about the account, saying it was not possible to discuss sensitive intelligence reporting.

Congressional aides say the administration appears to be trying to avoid confirming the reports on the possible Cuba post, with Blinken’s trip in the balance and details of Beijing’s plans in Cuba still uncertain.

Don’t worry though, diplomacy is winning.

“Our experts assess that our diplomatic efforts have slowed the PRC down. We think the PRC isn’t quite where they had hoped to be,” the official added. “There are still challenges, and we continue to be concerned about the PRC’s longstanding activities with Cuba. The PRC will keep trying to enhance its presence in Cuba, and we will keep working to disrupt it.”

With photo ops and cover-ups. That’s the plan.