After Biden Forgives Xi for Spy Balloon, China Puts Troops in Cuba


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After Biden Forgives Xi for Spy Balloon, China Puts Troops in Cuba
Weakness has consequences.
By Daniel Greenfield

Weakness has consequences.

The Biden administration feigned outrage over China’s spy balloon (after initially trying to cover it up) and pressed on with a visit by Secretary of State Blinken even as Chinese warships and aircraft threatened American vessels and planes, and as China launched massive hacking attacks against America.

Blinken came and went. And announced that China was forgiven for the spy balloon attack even though it not only failed to apologize, but denounced America, and has gone on spying on us.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken told NBC News on Monday that his trip to Beijing marked an “important start” in stabilizing U.S. ties with China and that the countries should move on from the spy balloon incident that postponed his visit earlier this year.

“That chapter should be closed,” Blinken said in an interview before leaving Beijing, where he spent two days meeting with senior Chinese officials and President Xi Jinping.

China agrees. It’s opening a whole other exciting new chapter by putting troops in Cuba.

China and Cuba are negotiating to establish a new joint military training facility on the island, sparking alarm in Washington that it could lead to the stationing of Chinese troops and other security and intelligence operations just 100 miles off Florida’s coast, according to current and former U.S. officials.

Discussions for the facility on Cuba’s northern coast are at an advanced stage but not concluded, U.S. intelligence reports suggest. The Biden administration has contacted Cuban officials to try to forestall the deal, seeking to tap in to what it thinks might be Cuban concerns about ceding sovereignty. Beijing’s effort to establish a military training facility in Cuba hasn’t been previously reported.

Is that how JFK did it? Contact a Communist dictatorship and plead with it not to host an enemy world power’s troops?

And we can trust the Biden administration after it got caught covering up China’s listening post in Cuba.

China has been spying on the U.S. from Cuba for years, according to a Biden administration official.

The admission came days after the Biden administration denied a Wall Street Journal report on Thursday that China and Cuba had reached an agreement to put an electronic eavesdropping facility in Cuba — calling the story inaccurate.

But on Saturday, the administration said that China has had a listening post in Cuba for years, that it was a problem the administration had “inherited” and that China had even upgraded the facility in 2019.

So how long until there’s an official Chinese naval base in Cuba?

Weakness has consequences. The Biden administration is lying to Americans while letting China have its way. The war is on and we’re losing.