Afghanistan next in Abraham Accords? Taliban refuses to rule it out


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Afghanistan next in Abraham Accords? Taliban refuses to rule it out
"What problem do we have with Israel?" questioned a spokesman for the Taliban.
Published: SEPTEMBER 1, 2022

A spokesman for the Taliban refused to rule out establishing relations with Israel during an interview with Al-Jazeera on Wednesday, despite earlier statements by the movement ruling this out, according to a clip shared by MEMRI. "Our policy is to resolve problems through dialogue and mutual understanding with everybody. Whoever has a problem and wants to resolve it, we are perfectly ready," the spokesman of the Taliban’s Political Bureau, Dr. Muhammad Naeem, told Al-Jazeera.



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If you know the history of would never trust talks/treaties with it followers as far as they could throw them..Arafat would tell our President yes..we'll sign the treaty..shake the hands of the president of the day and Israel's prime minister of the day..then go back and tell the Arabs in Arabic how they were going to destroy Israel and Israel would never see it coming because of the treaty..their Koran..Hadeeth and Religion gives them permission to lie to Infidels (those that do not follow Islam) and use deception to win against those they don't agree with..

I have learned to never believe a word an Islamic spouts..I just don't..