Affirmative Action is the Last Systemic Racism in America


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Affirmative Action is the Last Systemic Racism in America
The Supreme Court can erase this racist stain on our present and our future.
By Daniel Greenfield

The Supreme Court has the opportunity to end the last element of systemic racism in America.

While the critical race theory crowd throws around claims of systemic racism, the only major form of systemic racism still staining this nation is affirmative action. The critical race theory crowd is well aware of it because they heavily benefited from it.

Affirmative action is simply racist. Period.

The critical race theory crowd has tried to redefine racism as requiring power. While that’s an invalid definition, anyone can be racist if they believe racist things, but in the case of affirmative action, educationally, financially, and in all of its forms, from government contracts to educational privileges to corporations providing special ‘lanes’ for minorities, it’s the embodiment of racial privilege and power.

It needs to end.

The only two defense that has ever been deployed for the racist policy is that minorities (never Asian people though or successful minority groups) are suffering from unconscious bias and invisible systemic racism, and that differences in racial outcomes must prove the existence of this invisible and thoroughly imaginary racism.

This offensive defense depends on not touching the third rail and raising the question of responsibility. Instead, everyone else must continue to suffer to subsidize a racist culture of victimhood.

The reality is that affirmative action has become our current ‘original sin’. It’s a racist policy which makes a mockery of the legal precedents of the civil rights movement. It hurts the minorities it’s trying to help while dismantling educational and workplace standards on a massive escalating scale. It’s now even wrecking the military. Furthermore, it perpetuates the shameful lie that meritocracy is worthless and that outcomes depend entirely on race and identity politics, instead of individual effort.

America can never be the country it once was and seeks to be again with the racist millstone of affirmative action around its neck.

The Supreme Court has the opportunity to do the right thing. It should.

Like most racist policies, I don’t expect that affirmative action will wither away in a moment with a SCOTUS ruling. There will be plenty of those, like Elie Mystal, who will have their “affirmative action yesterday, affirmative action today and affirmative action tomorrow” moments.

The damage will linger on in those children and teenagers wrongly denied an education and employment because of the systemic racism of affirmative action. And those who were led into educational and career tracks they were ready for, crippling their future just as thoroughly.

We can however begin to move forward. And by tossing aside the systemic racism of affirmative action, there will be hope for a better post-racial future where our children will be judged on the content of their character, not on their racial quotas.