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Discussion in 'Anything Goes Coffee Shop' started by TimeWarpWife, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. TimeWarpWife

    TimeWarpWife Well-Known Member

    Some of you here know my story, others don't. Short version is that dh and I were the parents of a beautiful daughter who was born disabled. She went home to be with Jesus 18 months ago, and when I saw this video posted on FoxNews, I completely lost it. After all the horrible things going on in the world, this is a glimmer of hope that there are still a few people like this person dressed like Pooh Bear who took the time to give some loving and kind attention to this disabled little boy, who like my own Sweet Girl, has had to face more difficulty in his young life than most of us ever will in an lifetime.

  2. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for sharing this, my sister. :hug
  3. Judy4Jesus

    Judy4Jesus Well-Known Member

    Melted my heart!
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  4. Everlasting Life

    Everlasting Life Through Faith in Jesus

    Very sweet....
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  5. Momma D

    Momma D Well-Known Member

    Beautiful post, TimeWarp :hug
    It took a while, but by checking the member list, I found you!
    Check madcat's thread 'I need prayer this am' or something similar.
    I related an occurrence that happened before my husband's death, which I hadn't felt ready to share in the early weeks.
    I posted it on RR but didn't see a reply from you...
    I continue to pray for you both every day...
    Love you :bighug
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  6. TimeWarpWife

    TimeWarpWife Well-Known Member

    Hi, Momma D! :wave I did answer your message, but I apologize it took so long. Since RR is shutting down, I've been hanging out here at RF. I understand about the not being ready to share things, it took a long time for me to share things about my dd and there are things I'm still not ready to share. It takes time. Btw, I did read your post on RR and responded. Thanks for letting me know it was there, your post was also heartwarming. Love you, too! :hug
  7. Momma D

    Momma D Well-Known Member

    Thanks...I am having some issues getting acclimated here.
    More complex finding what/who you are searching for.
    I will adapt, but it might take some time...

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