Abnormal construction material discovered in Babylon - report


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Abnormal construction material discovered in Babylon - report
The material has supposed connections to Babylonia's Tower of Babel, the myth that supposedly explains why different languages exist.
NOVEMBER 4, 2021

Archaeologists have recently discovered bitumen and mortar plastered onto a brick dating back to the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II, according to an Express report on Wednesday. The material has supposed connections to Babylon's Tower of Babel, the myth that supposedly explains why different languages exist. The Tower of Babel is mentioned in the Book of Genesis 11:1-9, which takes place after the story of Noah's Ark.

Last month, the world's oldest drawing of a ghost was discovered on a tablet that was also based back to the Babylonian era that was constructed approximately 3,500 years ago. The drawing presents a male ghost with his hands tied by a rope, being led by a woman pulling the rope. It is said to be a guide to getting rid of unwanted ghosts by acknowledging what brought them back to the living world.

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I believe in the literal truth of the Bible. Now that English is becoming the universal language (and has been for some time) it is the language of science and technology. Much of what is being pursued in that field today is hellish. We are rapidly accelerating toward what scientists and technologists are calling, the "Omega Point". Knowledge--just as the Prophet Daniel said it would, in the time of the End--is increasing at a rate that no one can stop. Mankind is like a toddler playing with a loaded hand gun--too ignorant to know what he doesn't know and unable to stop playing with the object of his fascination. This moment was held back by the confusion of languages--God stated that as His purpose, when He confused the languages. Anyone who knows another language can tell you that you don't really "know" another language until you begin to think in that language. Rationality is linked to language--God made us that way. As with all "revolutions," it can often get away from those who provoke it (see the French Revolution) and it leads to death and chaos. This time around, there will be one who steps forward with the promise that only he can fix things. And those in the world will follow him and worship him and his evil--until the True One comes to save the world and put His enemies below His feet. Maranatha!


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I remember reading not that many years ago that there was no physical evidence to support the existence of Babylon at all outside of the Bible, now more and more details are being filled in.

I think one reason the enemy likes to destroy so much in the physical world is to remove evidence of the truth of the Bible.