Aaron Rodgers Saga Continues


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I was flipping channels ,so I didn’t see everything. I did see the end of the game. But from what I’ve seen, the Jets’ defense is ruthless and Jose Allen looked lost. I was rooting for the Bills. I had a feeling Rodgers would get hurt early on. As far as Zack Wilson is concerned, the Jet fans and the NY media, were reedy to run him out of town since he got here. Now he will look like a hero to them, because they won and have a better team around him. Their running back is very good so is their blocking. I also think Arron Rodgers has been something of a mentor to him.

Andy C

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I feel bad for the team that won't get its money's worth so quickly.
Yes, and the many fans who upgraded their season tickets, or those who bought season tickets to watch Rodgers play. Also, Im sure a few receivers stayed with the team vice signing with another, knowing their stats would go up with a top QB. Stats are what drive future contracts.

Bottom line - losing a marquee player has a huge negative domino effect in many areas.