A World Adrift


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I don’t understand …Why do those in power, as in OP, the “Bushes, Obamas, Clintons, and Bidens” think that they are above God’s judgment? Do they think that God can be bought off or bribed? Do they just think they’re never going to face God for all those things they have gotten away with here, because they going to live forever? Or are they just so corrupt that they can’t think for a moment about eternity? And I know that there are a lot more, who have the same mindset as these do, everywhere. But how does one think that they are above God, the Almighty?
Maybe they don't believe in God or think they are God. There are some that don't believe in a heaven or hell. The Unity church is one of them. It is called annihilation once you die this is the end for you. So they don't believe your Spirit lives on.

Andy C

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The real problems in the world aren’t climate change, overpopulation, poverty, lack of resources, or lack of opportunity; the real issue we face is that we are sinful creatures who only want to do what’s in our own best interests and nobody wants to address the real issue. And because we won’t address them, God is going to deal with them.
Yes, a world full sinful people, many of which have no clue, or refuse to accept there is a way forward, and that it will last for eternity.

In the Marines, there is a close order drill command called “marking time”. Its where you are marching in place, without moving forward. Simply raising one leg up at a time while swinging your arms. The world is not my home, Im just here marking time. Sooner or later, and hopefully its sooner, the call to move forward and up will be given.