A Tale of Two Mikes! My Personal Faith Testimony!


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I have this pinned to my FB page as of August 31, 2021, along with links to Rapture Ready, letters of explanation, other links, a few "Pete Garcia" treasures, and some "what nows" to be found in case of... :rapture

"A Tale of Two Mikes"...My Personal Faith Testimony

...it's long, but mildly entertaining and definitely lifegiving...

If you know me now in adulthood you know the most important "Mike" of all, the love of my life, my ministry and visionary teammate, the earthly anchor in our family of four and WellSpring ministry. Now, I introduce you to the "first Mike," now a retired USMC pilot, rank high but unknown, loss of touch (God KNEW I wasn't made to be a military wife...praise Him for all who are!). At 16, always a late bloomer, this "first boyfriend" experience would change my life forever. He's not the important focus of this memory...but his courage is.
No shade to Auburn UMC, my wonderful 70s-80s church home...but at the time, I deemed our youth group to be "clique-y" and Biblically-liberally (NOT LITERALLY)-interpretive. (To be truthful, I wasn't genuinely aware then that it was, because I chose not to be involved.) Upon dating Mike, I discovered that he was VERY involved in his high school youth group, rival and more Scripturally-geared Opelika First UMC, stewarded at the time by a young couple, who, if I'm not mistaken, still serve there even today.

One winter Sunday night in 1983, I was invited to "youth," where a movie called "A Thief in the Night" was shown (I've since learned there are three sequels...we watched them all this week. Happy 2022, 49th anniversary of the 1972 original.). I went from scared to livid in 60 seconds and pretty much sulked for a season afterwards. After all...raised in ("a prominent") church, front row every Sunday, nestled in academic scholarship and "good girl choices"...model kid despite the extra pounds, oversensitivity, and obvious pride-masked insecurity...how dare Mike ask the forbidden question..."I know you are a good girl, always trying to do what's right...but if you died tonight, do you know for certain that you belong to Christ?" Friends, in that decade, in my experience, you would commonly hear that question in Baptist circles (most of my closest friends were), but seldom if ever, in United Methodist ones. I snapped some answer or another at him, pride-injured, not stopping for a moment to think of the risk he'd just taken to lay it bare...but something underneath resonated. On Sunday afternoon, April 1st (of all days!), 1983, with the light of the Holy Spirit streaming through my Green Street bedroom, I gave my life to Christ. (Churched does not mean saved.) I can't fully explain how I knew something was different...it simply just was. Flawed for life and just beginning to know how much I needed a Savior, I was nevertheless a miraculous new creation, with no super-dramatic conversion testimony...just my unique own.

We broke up that summer because he "held hands" with a Florida girl whom he met on an OFUMC choir tour that summer.
A year passed, 'boyfriendless' but God-provisional for TWO prom experiences (one being the Valley High one, where I'd meet then-shy Rod B. and his future bride, Paula, whom the Auburn Tiger nation will forever miss), I beat back insecurity once again to walk into the Auburn Wesley Foundation as an entering AU freshman in September 1984, where "student worship leader" Michael #2, was teaching college Sunday School. Bluest eyes, blue oxford shirt...the rest is history.
One Mike led me to Christ...the second grew me in Him. My only two (real) boyfriends were divinely handpicked.

I reminisce and share today because of the risks taken for me nearly 40 years ago. Do you know for sure? Do those around you know? If you look at today's headlines, even the ones we're all trying to ignore, we are closer than ever to two Scriptural returns. The FIRST, the Rapture of Christ's true church (Hebrew, Adah....those across denominations who bear His name by His Biblical definition...Greek, Ekklesia, the true worshipers who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth) should thrill committed Christ-followers. It is imminent (could happen anytime, especially since Israel became a state in 1948), unpredictable, in a twinkling, and obvious chaos-causing for those left behind. Unmanned planes, cars, work stations...just horrendous to envision. The prayers and cries for God's mercy on behalf of a callous, carefree unrepentant world by the true Ekklesia church worldwide will no longer be present on earth to stem the tide of the worst Satan can throw. The Holy Spirit will still be present for the millions of individuals who will come to Christ as a result of this "harpazo," but lessened through the absence of the "church collective." Life conditions on earth under the great Tribulation (not to be confused with the smaller ones we all experience just being human in a fallen world), with Satan's wrath and Almighty God's judgment of evil coinciding, is not an existence my compassionate heart would wish on anyone. The SECOND, approximately seven years after the Tribulation (leading into the Great Tribulation midway through) begins, will be Jesus' return to chain Satan and set up the Millennial Kingdom on earth...where He and His followers will rule unencumbered until the final last hurrah of an unleashed Satan before his eternal date with the lake of fire. New Earth, New Heaven to follow...Scripture spells it well, but Randy Alcorn's Heaven is a fascinating read about a topic that the Bible frequently addresses, but many pulpits actually don't.

I had a conversation recently with someone I love who, for a lifetime, has been and continues to be opposed to nearly everything I've given my life to be and share. As grieved as I am by the loved one's life choices that have left a wake of brokenness and led to anything BUT real, lasting peace-with-a-purpose for him and others, I am at peace having "left it all on the field" as I continue to love and pray from a distance. I'm really concerned for those who will be left to make sense of "the moments after" should the Rapture occur in our lifetime. Would he/would they know what happened and why...and where to turn? As I close, I share a screenshot from a site, Rapture Ready, that I've studied closely. I cannot find anything wrong with it as I compare it to Scripture, and though FB may shadow-ban a link it does not agree with (increasingly censoring everything outside its narrative, topics designed to awaken), this is enough to equip.

Please know that Yahweh is pleased as we keep "working out our salvation with fear and trembling." No risk, no reward. Jesus gave/risked it all...and we follow in His steps, thrilled to be counted worthy to do so. The best is yet to come for all who put their faith and trust in the Only One Who willingly gave His life for them. Maranatha...Greek..."Come Lord Jesus!"...but may He find us busy in His service until that twinkling!

P.S. Circle-back...God saw fit to prompt me to connect and write a letter to Mike #1 thanking him for leading me to Christ and for his lifetime service to our country about 15 years ago. He called me shortly after to let me know he got it, was extremely appreciative, and was as well quite stunned to receive Mike #2's enclosed letter of thanks as well. As he shared with the Cullman 1st UMC youth group shortly after, "Guys...remember that you are dating someone's future WIFE! Don't do anything for which you'd be ashamed to receive a future letter from her husband!"

Shortly after I wrote this testimony, I sent a note of thanksgiving to Rev. R. and his wife, C. in Opelika, as well.

P.P.S. Is there anything special/extra/unsaid/undone that God might prompt you to do to leave no stone unturned for those in your past/present/future life circles who might possibly be left behind one day? I encourage you to honor the Holy Spirit's prompt to draw the courage to make the time in the way He leads to do it now, while you are able...and leave it all on the field for Him. Living for Christ, which often results in being misunderstood or ridiculed is often harder than dying for Him, but either is worth the sacrifice in light of His living and dying for us. Hallelujah!


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Epieikes, first, I love the writing style God gave you!!

Ty for sharing this!! I praise God that He led you to these godly men! How precious that you AND your husband wrote to the first Mike!!

Makes me think of all those who God used to bring me to Christ, and have encouraged my faith walk! I'm gonna be thanking Abba for these today! (PS all on this group are included!! I've grown so much with RR Bible followers!!)

I praise God with you for these testimonies He gave you!!!


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Thanks :bighug Epieikes for sharing your wonderful testimony it is awesome how God brings :lightbulb people into our lives. They are our divine :thumbup appointments.:thumbup