A Special Occurance


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For YEARS I have been praying for God to open the door somehow on how I could get my own truck. Nothing. Everything I did seemed to be blocked. I started to give up.
Well recently the lady that runs the Lease Purchase program for the company I drive with called me and told me - they have a truck for me! Honestly couldn't believe it. And when I saw - by pictures - this truck and all about it I seriously could NOT believe it! Because of the engine and transmission it has this is truly a rare truck! The head mechanic at our shop told me - you have no idea what you're getting into. Simply told him - well yes I do. You see, when God decides to bless or answer prayers He doesn't go half way. All he said was - because of what you're getting into obviously this can ONLY be a God thing!!
Would love to post a pic of this truck but can't do that here. Will probably get into it and get rolling early next week.
It's a Peterbilt and never thought I'd ever be in a truck like this. But like I said when God does open up and answer prayer He goes to a limit we could have never expected!!
Tho' it's taken a long time obviously God does answer prayer!! And what an answer it is!!


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To update a little - my truck is still in the shop being prepared for tank operations. Also found some electrical problems and are doing a LOT of work on the truck. But it's just about ready and I can't wait to get it on the road!! Still amazed that God allowed me to own a truck like this...


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Did that and can see it a little bit
@MikeD what a truck!! I'm so pleased for you :). I've been to the US a few times and recall seeing some very impressive trucks driving on the interstate and thinking how it must be a really enjoyable job enjoying the scenery and life on the road.

What a nice gift God brought you. :)
Yes, it is a gift from God. :pray . Thank you Lord for blessing our brother with a truck that he really likes. Please keep Mike safe on his travels and may he enjoy and serve you in his new role.