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You know vmoon, there are times where I've needed time and space away. We all do. And when I've felt that very deep need, I've brought it before God asking Him to provide in a way that would please Him and also take care of that need. I would bring this before the Lord and honestly tell Him what's on your heart about this and ask for His loving care and guidance for you. :hug


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I agree. :thumbup But also, please do remember, sis, that we are here on this earth because God created us—each one of us—for a specific and unique purpose. It is very hard for God to use us for His purposes if we hide ourselves away to avoid troubles and hurts. I very well know the feeling that we would LOVE to do that ... but it is far better and more rewarding to trust God with the issues of our lives and let our circumstances draw us ever closer to Him. As a great 20th century preacher, David Wilkerson (of The Cross And The Switchblade fame) once said, "Faith is not to get you OUT of the hard place, but to change your heart IN the hard place."

That all said, I have felt like you feel, Viva. And so has Andrea. And God is a good and understanding Father to whom you can pour your heart out, without any recriminations or scolding in return. He is great in compassion. And He will not condemn you for asking Him your question. Jesus knows what it is like to be human.