A question about Bible formatting.


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The following is actually a repost of a response I made in another category on the forum I figured it would get more exposure and feedback if posted here:

The one Bible I really wish existed would by a Scofield KJV or NASB that has a modern format. By this, I mean that I would love one of those two Bibles where the text is NOT in columns, but, rather goes from left to right using the FULL width of the page, and then continues on the next line that also is fully left to right on the whole page.

Basically, what I am describing is a Bible that is formatted just like any other book you own.

Now, with that said, I am a firm believer in not tearing down a fence until finding why it was erected in the first place. But this presents a good question!

Does anyone here know why almost all bibles are formatted to a page with two columns? Wouldn't it be easier for the modern man (and woman) to read the Bible if it were printed like any other book?

Other than print news papers, I don't know of any other publisher that uses columns as the norm.

I am extremely interested in all of your thoughts but even more interested in anyone here who can tell why modern bibles still use columns.



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Wouldn't it be easier for the modern man (and woman) to read the Bible if it were printed like any other book?
I don't think so, because of the verse nature of the Bible, the fact that we read it to study it, and because of the necessity of including alternate text (or text explanations) in places and the desirability of cross-references. I have had both types of Bible and by far prefer the two-column format for ease of reading AND study. I also prefer double column Bibles for preaching: they enable me to keep my place more easily and not get lost in long lines of text. That's important with public reading where you are constantly taking your eyes off the book so as to make eye contact with your audience.

For reading fiction or non-fiction books, I like the usual single column format (although I have read both.).



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I am not aware of any actual "Bibles' out there like this, but I have a book in large paperback form, that has all the NT books in chronological order that reads just like any other non-fiction book.
I do like that if I am just casually reading, but as Adrian said, I think when I am studying I do prefer the traditional setup. God often packs numerous truths in just one verse, so its impact can strike quicker that way for me.


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Thanks everyone for the information and perspective concerning columns vs traditional page layouts when it comes to Bibles. I learned quite a bit. Much appreciated.
There are Bibles formatted like this. My daughter has one in the NLT, because she is very dyslexic. Two columns compound her problem. I also have one in the ESV, although I usually read the KJV.

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I've appreciated either way. I can see where one might preferable over the other depending on one's need or ease in reading.

I'm just glad I've got a bible!!