A Princess story


He is able to save
It's been a long time since I've been able to write poetry folks and a very long dark journey indeed. God has done so much in my life. Truly, each and every one of us matters to Him so much so that He will go to any length, bridge any depth, climb any mountain to find us.

A Princess Story
‘Twas once a beautiful story
About a princess, daughter of glory,
Before the weeds and briars grew
Where red-hot scars now mark
The places she’s passed through.
A king’s daughter, in times before,
Finds herself a pauper once more;
Years tossed and time travelled
Watching her life become unraveled.
Now a slave to youthful love
Far from her father’s house above.
Her Father went searching
For his little errant girl;
For the plight he found her in
Grew desperate, alone in sin.
Over his shoulders he cast
His daughter, found and safe at last.
Though free, she often hears
The howling of the wolves she fears;
Wolves of fear and shame
Greedy things like their master
Lying hope, a hidden spear
Aimed to thrust, maim, kill,
Sever from, devouring the will.
To her father, she must cling the tighter
Trusting He’ll make her future brighter.
Though oft at times she fails to see
What a masterpiece the Father is creating in me.
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Jesus Christ is Lord
Yes, that was beautiful Holly! I'm praising God for
what he's doing in your life. Thank You Lord for
Your faithfulness! Thank You! :pray: :hug


I Love the Lord
:hugThanks Holly and thank you Lord, our Good Shepherd for finding Holly and bringing her back into the fold.:pray:

David T. McKee

Jesus is Truth
Awesome! Thank you for sharing this, and may the Lord continue His Masterful work in you, and for that matter, in all of us whom he has draped over his strong shoulders!