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Yeah, RVM, if you will let me know when you get on the road again, I'll post your other theme song in your thread! :pound:


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I love the thought of you being able to visit "your community" (thanks Mary!) by driving from state to state! Do, let us know when you get close by (check the Member's Map) so we can visit! That's such a neat idea!

Lunch with Adrian, Supper with Kem lol.
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Welcome to RF, RamblingVanMan!

I've also had a bit of the wanderlust from time to time, and one day I may even get to indulge it a little, who knows. However, I'd like to do it by kayak. Just go out one day and not have a time I have to turn back, just keep finding out what is around the next bend, and the next. Also content to be at home, too.

You've found a great place online, do enjoy your stay!


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RVM is not used to checking in and out with people, but he made the terrible mistake of giving me his phone number so I am here to report to you what I dug up the last 2 days.

Somewhere on the forum, he did post that he was getting ready to travel but he did not update his status to indicate that and I just happen to know that people get put on the missing members list with the slightest of provocation. So I am tracking him to the best of my ability, but he is not working from a travel itinerary that is reportable. It is more a highways and byways route that happens randomly on whim.

So he is leaving the Ocala forest today where he tried to get some peace and solitude except for txt msgs.... the only "beings" he saw there were several bears.
The Ocala forest is in Florida for anyone else besides me that did not know that.
He is now heading in the general direction of west, but not on Interstate 10. Nope.

So either tonight or tomorrow the RVM will be back in WiFi territory and will log in to spend some time with his new family (here).

Meantime we should all feel free to pray for travel mercies, blessed and fruitful interactions with actual humans in civilization who might need to hear our Lord loves them, and the safe return to the forum of our new lil brother with an apparent peculiar case of wanderlust.
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LOL, Mary I love you but sometimes I desire alone time with the Father. No need to worry about me, I am always in his hands. I only saw 2 bears though, and they were not together. I do tend to stay where I can be reached by phone in case of emergency. My daughter is the only one who insists she hear from me daily. I try to honor her request most of the time, but have been known to go totally offgrid for days at a time. The only time to worry is if I "disappear" longer than 14 days. That is the longest you can freely camp on BLM land before they want you to move on. I didn't post here that I would be gone for a few days; not that I recall anyway; I texted you because I could tell that you were the motherly type who would worry if I just dropped out. BTW, my own mother only insists that she hear from me monthly; however I suspect that my daughter keeps everybody apprised of my "situation" as needed.


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What can I say? I used to work for 911 as a police service operator? (Only 6 weeks, as it was just too much of an adrenalin producing occupation for ME).

What else? I am the self-appointed secretary of this forum...

I also appointed myself as executive secretary to the preachers here who are forum members if I catch wind that they are, indeed, preachers...

And who knows what I might appoint myself to next?

I've applied with Heaven's Stables as you already know... until that promotion I need some meaningful work to do here!