A life of sevens and God's sense of humor.

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I'm sure that when any one of us looks back at our own lives in hindsight, we can see the hand of the LORD and how He has worked, giving grace after grace after grace. Sometimes we see His jokes of providence here on Earth, and many others we'll discover once we are in His presence. Looking back, I can see the fingerprints of God over the details of my life -- with a lot of humor thrown in.

My first and last name both have seven letters each. Both my daughters have names with seven letters each, and since they bear my surname it also has the same number of letters. Every seventh year of my life a major event happens to me around September time -- the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar.

7 years old = entered Catholic elementary school

14 years old = entered high school

21 years old = entered first permanent military duty station, became a Christian (can't forget this one!)

28 years old = entered marriage

35 years old = entered foreclosure

42 years old = major financial downturn

49 years old = ??? enter glory ???

Only God knows! Two months ago one of our dogs birthed four little puppies, bringing the total number of dogs in our house to seven! What other surprises does God have in store? Through it all, God has been faithful to care for and provide for us. When I was exiting the military, our base lost a plane. Although I was already positioned in a new apartment, and did not yet have a new job I was still getting paid by the military because I was not officially discharged until the general signed the papers. But at the time, he was too busy worrying about the missing plane to scribble his signature on that piece of paper. A week later, I was hired for a new job -- and they found the plane! God is never early, but He's never late either. He knows exactly what we need before we even see the need. If only I could have been more faithful to Him!
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Nothing to do with 7s, but certainly to God’s blessing.
It was my 3rd year in college and the first semester was coming to a close in a few weeks. I had little to no money and had no idea how I was going to pay for the next semester, let alone the rest of college. Out of nowhere (to me) a financial aid check came in the mail that covered most of that last semester (I was working too). I do not remember ever applying for or asking for it. It just showed up completely unexpectantly.
I know God has been faithful in so many ways but this one sticks out still to this day (30 yrs later).