A hard nut to crack.


1 Peter 1:3
Greetings everyone,
As far back as I can remember I learned that Heaven and Hell were the places you’d end up after death based on weighing your good against your bad. For my family, church was where you went for weddings and funerals.
Working on a ranch when at age 16 I was given a Bible, and for the first time in my life I started reading God’s word. This was the beginning of the good seed being planted in me. Sorry to say I only made it as far as Genesis 38 where Judah and Tamar had twins, and the ranch work and other things took priority once again.
Four years later one of the cowboys on the crew was telling me of a cowboss on an Oregon ranch that was a Christian and for some reason I was drawn to give him a phone call to see if he was hiring. God had been impressing on my heart for a long time now that I needed to change my wild and woolly ways.
South Eastern Oregon 1980, high desert country. Sure enough, devout Christian cowboss along with his family. Gave me a Bible and took me along to church every Sunday to hear the preaching. This was all new to me but I knew it was for my betterment. Being around these kind and honest people was new to me.
1988, high desert Southern Idaho. I’m now one of the ranch foremans, with my own young family, but still not saved. Little did I know that God was going allow me to blowout my knee and put me down for a several months to get my attention. Major reconstructive surgery.
The ranch had installed satellite dishes at all the ranch houses about a month earlier (remember the big dishes). We borrowed a TV set and I spent the next few months watching the preachers, and God gave me pretty good discernment in picking out the phony ones. I started to order Baptist preaching tapes and started supporting their ministry. Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection were starting to make sense to me now. I started caring for other peoples souls and started witnessing to others.

Thank You Dear Lord for the gift of Salvation.