A great witnessing tool to reach the lost


A really great way to help unbelievers understand what they might be saying no to when you are witnessing to them about Jesus:

Picture this:
You've been arrested for some serious crime. Now you're in prison with literally no way to get out of serving a life sentence in this horrible place.

Now imagine the Judge walks up to your cell and says, "I would never have let you out, because your punishment is just. But One has stepped foward and of His own volition has offered to take your punishment upon Himself."

"No," you say. "I don't want His gift. I'll stay in here and do my time myself."

"What?" the judge says incredulously.

"Do you understand what this Guy is offering you? He's saying He's willing to do your time here in your place and let you walk free! You can get out of here today. I have your Pardon paperwork right here in my hand. Just take it!"

"No, I'm good right where I'm at, thanks."


That is what is happening whenever someone rejects Jesus. Except when they die unsaved, the sentence will not have an ending like earthly prison does. They will not get out on good behavior, or get commuted or even escape by death.

And painting that picture for them can really help to put the everlasting consequences in perspective.