A Fake DNC Convention Ends With Real Nastiness


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A Fake DNC Convention Ends With Real Nastiness
The democracy is fake, but the hate is real.
By Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

On the last night of the imaginary DNC convention taking place inside an editing room, the Democrats decided that the best way to win over independent voters was to bring in the least talented member of the Seinfeld cast to make jokes about Mike Pence’s name.

Why? It distracts from Joe Biden doesn’t it.

The joke here is positively Seinfeldian. Julia Louis Dreyfuss plays shallow, self-involved, and petty characters because she’s shallow, petty, and self-involved. The Democrats attack Trump as an unserious reality show host who confuses social media with leadership, and then debut a failed convention dominated by celebrities and badly written jokes aimed at social media.

“I’m proud to be a nasty, nasty woman,” Julia Louis Dreyfuss gloated.

It’s not just her own aspiration, but that of the party that invited her. The Democrats want to play at being serious, principled folks bringing the country together, but they’re proud to be nasty.

“I will draw on the best of us, not the worst of us,” Joe Biden claimed, accepting his nomination after a convention filled with conspiracy theories about mailboxes, smears, and cheap shots.

That promise is coming from a politician who spent his career insulting voters, calling them fat and stupid, whose family is notorious for profiting from his political office, who palled around with segregationists and sexual predators, but whom three nights of celebrities and fellow hacks from across the political swamp spectrum now insist is really a kind, decent, and loveable man.

Biden’s transformation after 47 years of nastiness is just as convincing as that of his party.

The Democrats insist that Joe Biden is a man of faith, even as their caucuses clip “God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance. They claim that they’re a movement of character, integrity, principles, and deep thought, and then drop it all to giggle about calling Pence, “Poonce”.

Biden, they insist, is a family man with real integrity. And to prove it, they trot out Hunter Biden, who had an affair with his dead brother’s wife and who was sued for child support by a stripper

“The day of cozying up to dictators is over,” Biden promised, while running on a platform of cozying up to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the PLO, and Communist China.

Biden promised that voting for him would mean choosing “facts over fiction” after speakers claimed that Trump was trying to take away people’s votes by stealing all the mailboxes.

The farce of a convention, in which no one is really being convened, plays out a rigged process that elevated two corrupt lightweights, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who never actually won over a majority of Democrats, while depicting them as the second coming of Obama.

The obsessive compulsive diversity is a facade for a nomination that was determined in the same invisible room that put together the video clips comprising the fake DNC convention.

Without Obama, all that’s left is Joe Biden, and the men who wanted to be Obama, Buttigieg and Booker, taking their best shots at imitating Obama. Even without Obama on stage, the Democrats have been shaped and reshaped into the image of their condescending master.

The final night of the non-convention was shaped by two competing and incompatible Obamaesque imperatives, claiming the moral high ground and taking cheap shots.

Stripped of its prose, the theme of Biden’s speech and of the entire DNC fake convention was that Democrats are good people and that Republicans are bad people. Republicans were unserious, divisive, and all about name calling. While the Democrats are serious leaders.

“We are in a deep, dark hole and we need leaders who will help us dig out,” Andrew Yang intoned after making jokes about Pence’s last name.

That’s what real leaders trying to dig us out of deep holes do.

Yang was drawing on the overarching darkness and light theme that would climax with Biden’s speech in which the faltering politician read off the teleprompter, “I will be an ally of the light” and claimed that the end of “American darkness” had arrived with his nomination. It was a rerun of Obama’s lightworker stuff starring not an insurgent, but a man who had spent his life in D.C.

Buttigieg and Booker make unconvincing Obama clones, but Biden makes an even worse one.

And declaring that Republicans (at least those who don’t bow to Biden) are the forces of darkness being confronted by the light is not a formula for governance, but political terror.

The theme of the DNC convention that pretended to nominate Biden and the speech in which he pretended to accept is that Democrats are a unifying force and that their political opponents are the forces of darkness. That’s not an election speech. It’s an argument for a one party state.

The Democrats want to pretend that they’re responsible leaders because they keep saying that they’re good people who care about specific categories of oppressed people and global problems. But that’s a leftist fallacy. Talking about how much you care about problems doesn’t mean you have any aptitude for solving them by working together with everyone else.

After that, all that’s left is the Jekyll and Hyde routine of going high and then going low, alternating between signaling their virtue to moderates and signaling their vice to leftists.

The DNC’s schizophrenic programming spoke out of one side of its mouth to more traditional voters while speaking out of the other side of its mouth to its social media radical base. But it’s not really a split personality. Jekyll never turns into Hyde. Hyde just pretends to be Jekyll.

Biden isn’t a nice, kindly old gentleman, he’s a creep who gropes, sniffs, and clutches women. He’s running on a platform of sending vast amounts of cash to Islamic terrorists and he’s being financed by San Francisco and New York donors who have endless contempt for the country.

That’s why Julia Louis Dreyfuss was there.

Picking the star of an HBO series that only a fraction of the country outside the coastal uptowns is even aware of encapsulates the Obama political generation as a party of petty elites who keep insisting that they’re deeply spiritual ‘high’ people, when all they ever do is go low.

Before Obama, Jon Stewart had crystalized the new Democrat as a caring and sensitive person who holds everyone who disagrees with his radical views in contempt. That contempt was the cultural signature of the Obama administration. It’s the defining tone of the DNC convention.

Biden’s speech rehashed all the tired old Obama paradigms, depicting Democrats as “generous” and Republicans as “selfish”, his base as “fair” and his opponents as “privileged”, and the system, the one that allowed him to spend nearly half a century in power, as systemically racist, while somehow the old ally of segregationists isn’t racist at all.

The true message of the DNC convention, spoken and unspoken, is that it represents a cultural class that is entitled to absolute political power, because it is morally superior to everyone else. The facade of religion and of fake former Republicans was as real as the “democratic” process leading to a rigged nomination and a fake convention of videos recorded weeks if not months ago. Behind that facade is a small class of wealthy coastal donors pulling all the strings.

The Democrats are represented by a 77-year-old political hack who spent his career trading favors and traded up through a rigged nominating process, and the former squeeze of the dirtiest man in San Francisco politics who got into the Senate through a one-party election, and by the men and women pulling the strings in a process that has nothing to do with democracy.

Their speechwriters and editors have produced a propaganda event heavy on pop culture and low on substance whose real message is not only that the men and women behind them intend to win at any cost, but that they plan to once again fundamentally transform the country.

Joe Biden did speak one truth in his acceptance speech.

“This election will determine what America is gonna look like for a long, long time,” he said.

Cities under Democrat control are burning now. Stores are closed and businesses are bankrupt. Imagine what it will look like if they have the absolute power to determine the fate of America.

The Democrats are nasty and proud of it. They are proud of what they have done in Portland. They are proud to have torn down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They are proud to have defaced churches and synagogues. And they can’t wait to show us how nasty they can really be if they once again have absolute power over the entire United States.