A dangerous subculture, and a Modern day Idol.


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Eco said..."that I can stop anytime...."

Not to personally attack anyone, but that is a typical argument many an alcoholic or druggie has used to justify their own habits.

Just wanted to point that out for anyone who might need help to realize their own addiction, and not even Eco, after I read that, I stopped reading the post, and after reading Mattfivefour's response, that was probably wise for me.


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I remember many years ago I watched this movie and I was horrified scared and felt that the movie was evil and demonic. I remember I could not sleep and these images of certain characters were embedded in my head. I would pray to GOD for forgiveness I scared out my mind. Recently about 27 years later I saw the movie again and it looked as if I were watching a documentary I even laughed about it. Then I started thinking the movie has not changed it was still evil in the movie but my tolerance for violent and evil in movies has thickened. Is that the devil working his way into my mind and millions of others to see movies that involve demons ghost tragedy violence sex scenes that have gone from a passion kissing to almost full blown porn in a regular movie and accept it as normal. I invite you to examine for your self and compare. The innocent PACMAN days are gone. Children cartoons have evolved and push on somewhat adult themes or is that term "adult" a soft word for "sin". If you were watching a movie with a small nude scene and you child was there watching with you you usually kind if know what's going to happen so you send them out the room so that you can watch the "adult" scene which in reality your watching something an act that GOD sees as "sin" and you have accepted it as normal not a big deal after all your an adult. Gaming is at par with this but almost on a hire level according to what has been said you are more evolved and control your character. I do believe and understand that GOD works in mysteries ways but as satan likes to mimic GOD the devil works his poison in mysteries ways as well. The movie I was talking about was Ghostbusters if you saw it when it first came out and you felt like I did watch it again you will see for yourself that your tolerance for evil has thickened. I think the same effect will also include all the Friday 13 movies Nightmare on Elm Street I bet that if it's been years since you saw those and you go back to watch them they will seem child like.
Very perceptive post, bro. I pray everybody takes time to read it. Few seem to grasp what you have: "Then I started thinking the movie has not changed it was still evil in the movie but my tolerance for violent and evil in movies has thickened."


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I have been following this thread and considering the arguments in favor of gaming with a very deeply troubled heart. I certainly will not single out any one person in this discussion, as more than one both on this board and elsewhere have defended gaming while calling themselves Christians. As Word Divine points out, just how numb to sin have some Christians become?

Eco says gaming is a pressure relief valve which he hopes would strengthen families. For the Christian, that pressure relief valve should be prayer and the Word of God. It does too work, I have waded through waaayyy too much affliction as a Christian, and triumphantly found the needed relief in God's Word and in prayer, and in the support and prayers of fellow Christians, I speak from severe experience, not from assumptions.

How is it that games dependent upon violence, sexual immorality and witchcraft (or alchemy as has been claimed although I don't buy that for a minute, I used to hang with pagans, used to be one, I do know my stuff in that matter), anyway, how did this come to seem harmless? Did Scripture, then become so insignificant as to need some supplement that is rooted in fiction (by nature false therefore by nature a lie). Is the Living God somehow insufficient? That goes for the above mentioned family troubles too. Is the instruction in Scripture so demanding in one way or so lacking in another that it isn't worth trying let alone mastering? If the answer is somehow yes, then who or what has taken the place of God's way of going about dealing with challenges? Did He fail someone somehow???

He didn't fail me, far from it. Before Christ in my life, I could have BEEN a character in your games! I had what it takes to be that. Now, I don't just talk about grace, I am Graceful, graceful from deep in my heart, exactly because when in doubt and in conflict, I chose God's ways as instructed in His Word, no more and certainly no less. Sometimes that meant going very hard against what seemed right to me, but one of us HAD to be right, either me or God. I really needed God to be right and I still do, because if I am right, all is lost. Would that the church at large deeply absorb that truth.

Sex, violence, bitterness, self righteousness, accusations dissensions conflict, those are human ways of solving things. I tried all these things before I was given that precious chance to discover that the Bible offers alternatives that work very differently. I don't care what seems good in any given moment, the ways of the Lord outshine anything the flesh comes up with to cope with problems or even try to solve them. I have put these things to the living test under enormous pressure, and as for me and my house, Jesus Christ is King, His ways are my ways, His ideas are all I need Amen!


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Thank you Kist for this warning. Many years ago when I purchased the first computer for my family it came with several games. I played one that was a first shooter game that was very violent. The adrenaline and stress was huge. I had a hard nights sleep following the play and was in the game all night as I slept. It scared me and I felt it was too powerful. I destroyed the disc the next morning. I have relatives with young boys who use gaming as a babysitter. I'll print out your thread and share it with the boy's grandfather, my brother in law. My wife works with a woman who's stepson spends nearly his entire life on his computer in the basement of their home. He's in his late twenties, doesn't work, and has very little social skills. I did a photo shoot of him and his family for my wife's coworker. In a park setting one day, I shot for nearly an hour. My wife tried to engage the step son in conversation and so did I, but he spoke only a hand full of words to his father, would not make eye contact, and wore clothes that couldn't be more wrinkled. He is wasting his life away on a computer.

When my daughters were in high school, my oldest and I would play the rather tame Mario Brothers game. She still says that it's a good memory for her. I would come home from work and play it, for sometimes hours, while neglecting work that needed to be done. One Saturday during the winter I was home alone and playing a game, after several hours I broke away to go outside and get the mail. As I headed back to the house I thought about what I was doing in the house, sitting alone, in front of a screen, playing a game. In the game I was active, but in reality I was just sitting in a chair in front of a computer. I thought as I looked up to the house, "What am I doing? What a waste of my life." I thought about how pathetic it was that on a Saturday I'm doing nothing constructive but playing a game.

In my opinion, we waste far too much of our precious time here on so many things, gaming, hobbies, watching sports, TV, reading fiction, etc. I love MLB, but I know that I cannot be a good steward of my time if I watch every game, the same with watching movies and more. Gaming is like so many things, another distraction that if we allow it, wastes our life away, and even worse it can be very corrupting.
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