A dangerous escalation by the pro-Assad camp


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A dangerous escalation by the pro-Assad camp
06/22/2014 22:12
Jerusalem will likely respond forcefully against those responsible for cross-order missile attack.
An Israeli tank is seen on the Golan Heights. Photo: REUTERS

The security repercussions from Sunday’s deadly, cross-border missile attack from Syria will likely continue to reverberate in the coming hours and days. Should the IDF reach the conclusion that combatants from the pro-Assad camp – either the Syrian army itself, Hezbollah or someone acting on their behalf – are responsible for the firing of an anti-tank missile at an Israeli truck, it is difficult to imagine Israel sitting on the sidelines and failing to act to punish the aggressors and restore its deterrence.

An initial investigation into the attack found that the barrier separating Israel from Syria along the Golan Heights prevented even more casualties, as it managed to absorb a large chunk of the blast from the missile strike. That’s no comfort to the bereaved family from the village of Arrabe in the Galilee, and it will change nothing in Israel’s response to the incident. The IDF Northern Command is permitted to launch limited, pinpoint responses to border attacks such as this, which they did on Sunday in the form of tank fire on positions held by the Assad military.

But the unprovoked attack is deeply disturbing to senior IDF command, and a failure to launch a more forceful Israeli reply will probably be seen by those responsible as a green light to continue, an outcome the defense establishment will seek to avoid.

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