a 3-year old Christian here


My soul waits for the Lord, and in His Word I hope
But you found the right place to come to.
Lots of people here, from all walks of life.
Some in “little shoes”, others with worn out sandals,
but all trying to walk on the right track.
And when we trip, we help each other up.
So feel warm and welcome here.

PS, I answered your question on the other Forum,
Hope it was helpfull to you.


Come Lord Jesus!!!!!!
Hi EmEm am new here myself, it truly is a place of great fellowship, emojis and encouragement!! In agreement with what's been said, get stuck into the Bible as it's the truth and is described as a "light to our path", and we're in some pretty deceptive times ... I tend to use new american standard version (NASB) as it's word for word very accurate, there are some great sections on here about reading the Bible, some great sermons by pastors like Andy Woods and we're all here to share and support each other in this daily walk ..there's also a great section on what everyone has for dinner which has me very hungry :)