700 people feared dead

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The Mediterranean sea is now becoming a death trap for migrants :eek: the E.U. is holding emergency talks as hundreds of migrants is drowned at sea trying to get to safety . Three more boats carrying migrants in the Mediterranean send distress calls , another tidbit of info the death toll is 30 times higher than it was in 2014 :eek:
The emergency meeting of the E.U. is being held in Luxembourg . In 2014 the U.N. warned the E.U. that inaction would lead to large death tolls of migrants trying to cross over . Like turning a blind eye and death ear is a solution for the E.U. This affects many countries . So what is going on in Libya and Syria and other N African countries is going to now reach a fever pitch scream . Why? :mope is Europe getting by with this ? :mad:

In Oct. of last year all the European gov agreed to stop search and resque operations in the Mediterranean thus proving how utterly false it is in fact the logic of the E.U. to remove the most basic of service would some how STOP the people from TRYING TO SEEK REFUGE AND SAVE THEM SELVES .

Instead of relief or mercy the E.U. has handed these desperate people a death sentence :mad:
It is now a tragic crisis :oops:

Its just more proof that Indeed many hearts have waxed over cold :cryAnd I doubt the British will lend much if anything to help the situation at hand . Hundreds are dying at sea attempting to flee from what is happening in Libya Syria and countless other countries .

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This kind of suffering is not just happening to those aforementioned folks
It is increasing and compounding daily
A Saudi led strike in Yemen just wiped out a warehouse with vital life saving humanitarian aid
that dying people held out for as a last hope :cry

Life in Yemen as stated by one ........... ""My life in Yemen, there is no electricity no food no work were DYING .

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I think the beyond sad part of all this is the question of what is going on at the negotiation tables of the world powers and it is beyond evident to all , there may be NO LIMIT , to how high they plan to allow the death toll to go :eek:

chalk up a big fat zero for the humanitarian hero's folks
bottom line
they are letting millions die

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millions of these suffering victims will need to rely on the efforts of the CHRISTIANS
the very CHRISTIANS BEING PERSECUTED . If they are to be helped at all .
This is a time for growth for the church body . During these kind of times even in past history
the true church grew exsponitially


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I'm so glad you care, Elijah. :hug Take heart, Jesus overcame the world for these people, and for you and me too. What satan means for our harm, God will turn it out for our good. :hug

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The results of a war our CIC will not bring to a halt :doh
300 migrants piled into a 40 foot fishing boat is very dangerous but yet for those people they have nothing to loose . The hope of a rescue and reaching safety prompts them to make a more than 15 hundred mile sea expedition . It was far better than the cruel armed Libyan smugglers who forced the unimaginable on these citizens :frown However the coast guard dreads good weather :idunno why ?
because they know it will bring a hoard of boats filled with hopeful yet desperate refugee's across the ocean , which they consider a disaster !!! for who pray tell !!!! So Italy along with other countries now
say they are under the guns of the Middle East war going on !!! They are asking for support in Italy due to struggling with refugee problems . There is still serious reluctance that is seen and observed as a toxic problem. INCREDIBLY CYNICAL :ohno

The Turkish sea ports are also filling up , also under the gun so to speak of the smugglers
human smuggling going on folks these smugglers took old merchant ships known as ghost ships
to transport hundreds of Syrian people at a cost of course . Many were taken so far and abandoned

The cost to get on a go ship is 6 thousand per person children under 8 travel for free
Families are selling their homes to get the fee to pay the smugglers to get out
because in Syria death is certain :shocked

:plank They are going to Greece Europe Italy anywhere they can :nod

terrible situation and world leaders ignoring it :ostrich :nope:ohno


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Death is not THE END. That is why there are scriptures that tell us to not fear men, but to fear only God. I, too, am hurting for the people who are undergoing such terrible persecution on this planet. But those who die IN CHRIST are instantly transported into heaven and even if their last moments here are earth were terrifying they instantly forget that because God wipes all the tears from their eyes. The ones I mourn the very most are those who die in UNBELIEF. The perpetrators of evil will not escape judgment. We must trust God, and we really must do whatever little bit we can do, where we are at, to alleviate as much of the suffering in the world as possible.

What do you suggest we do for these people Elijah? If there is anything we CAN do, let's figure it out and DO IT.


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One of the first things Christian citizens can directly do is put pressure on the leaders of the world to
address this human tragedy problem :hmmm

The other essential is mega prayer :sad Thousands of those folks may or may not even have a Bible
the fact they are fleeing for their lives to other more friendlier places opens the door more for Mission groups . Not that the Muslims will appreciate it , :shrug yet God still even today has his remnants all over the world . It affords many the chance to get the gospel to these folks :bible

we know from the word of God there will be remnant's all over the world that come out of great peril
survivors of great peril are usually very receptive :sad The one thing all humans have is hope :thumbup
It makes for great possibility