7 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook


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I don't know if anyone's talked about this here, but I'm part of a website called MeWe. It's got no ads, and you don't have to go to Facebook 'jail' when you speak your mind. I like it, but don't have a lot of 'friends' there yet.


7 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

Quit Facebook
By Matthew Kitchen

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Ten years ago Facebook was just cresting as the cool new social media site that helped you keep in touch with the people you didn’t actually like in high school. We fed it our thoughts and feelings, shared our meals and locations and our top ten movie lists, kept it up-to-date on our relationship status, political views, favorite links, and personal information — all in the name of staying connected, and all without a thought to our security. But with a decade of questions regarding how Facebook makes money now answered, and a general understanding of how sharing information online can be dangerous (while the platform constantly updates its security protocol), we continue to use it anyway, even though many of us are just checking in as ritual and have threatened our exit from Facebook for years.

Of course, screen time in moderation is, for the most part, perfectly acceptable, and social media can offer a few genuinely beneficial uses. But before you log in or tap that app on your smartphone again, here are a few reasons to quit Facebook in 2015.

It Wastes Your Time
It's estimated that the average casual user (17 minutes per day on Facebook) who has been active on the site for 10 years has wasted upwards of 40 entire days of their lives scrolling and liking and commenting on pictures and posts. And more engaged users, who spend at least an hour a day on the site, have clocked 150 days feeding the Facebook beast during the same time. Think about how long you spend on the site each day, and what else could be a more productive use of your time.

Facebook Uses You to Sell Stuff...
In 2012, the site manipulated posts from 689,000 accounts without consent in an experiment that examined whether or not it could affect your emotions by making a few edits on your page. The study was done, according to Facebook, to "improve our services and to make the content people see on Facebook as relevant and engaging as possible." Skeptics think it was really used to discover the monetary benefit of a Like. COO Sheryl Sandberg later apologized, adding that they "never meant to upset you."



Was never a fan or user of fb. At this point, my opinion is that no conservative or Christian should be on fb. If all those people left fb right now, fb membership would plummet through the floor, its stock would crash, ad revenue would dry up, Zuckerberg would lose his fortune and influence - it would send a big loud message to Big Tech that they better change their ways.


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I haven’t been dumbed down by Facebook. In fact, if it wasn’t for some great Christian groups, friends and family there, I would struggle in my walk a lot more. I understand why people hate it, and I don’t love or worship it, but I have found Facebook to be a blessing. Sorry if that goes against popular opinion here. :(