7 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

Lovin Jesus

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I left Facebook a few months ago and the Lord led me here to this forum, Praise God! I did use Facebook as a witnessing tool for some years and hope I planted some seeds but I couldnt handle the vile and horrible posts some people left which I was concerned about for others who read them who werent like that but didnt know Christ. I really didnt care when their attacks were directed at me or even what I said but some were directed at God and that really made me feel awful. I couldnt figure out why people would bother to follow certain pages if they hated what was on them. I dont miss Facebook. I love it here with you guys.


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Haven't read all of the posts in this thread so I don't know if the following site has been mentioned.

It is a conservative Christian oriented social site similar to FB. It even looks like FB. It is a fairly new site with not a lot of members, but hopefully it will catch on and grow.

Below is a memo on my home page that includes a link to the site.

Good afternoon, ld johnson Tip: Send an email to your family, friends, church and organizations to join USA.Life. Just say: I joined USA.Life social network to be free of Facebook and Twitter's censorship and spying. If you want freedom and privacy, get your USA.Life account and friend me at https://USA.Life/register