5th generation F35 stealth aircraft deploy to Poland


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5th generation F35 stealth aircraft deploy to Poland
Royal Netherlands Air Force F35A Lightning based out of Leeuwarden Air Base joins NATO's Eastern Flank.
By Yissachar Ruas

For the first time since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, a European F35 operating nation has deployed its F35s as close as it can to the raging conflict. The 5th generation, US made, advanced stealth aircraft is at proximity of the ongoing war in Europe. The Netherlands had only received its first stealth aircraft to their home base in Leeuwarden in 2019. The Netherlands is a “Tier 2” nation, which signified its participation in the development of the aircraft, the F35 replaced the venerable F16 and is slated to be the country’s premier fighter for decades to come.

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