48 Hours Without Her


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lol I am humbly putting this out there to hopefully cause a smile
I find my self phoneless....and it caused me to create lol

I see this as a country song maybe....lol
I am not musical, but have some friends that are....do you think these could be good song lyrics?? I appreciate any and all input!!!
I know the "tempo" is off...

I present you (from my computer, not my RR cell phone app lol)...

hope you enjoy xoxoxo, Jojo4124

Song: 48 Hours Without Her

One day my non techie self
thought that maybe I could be
and I typed on some keys...
til my phone messaged me

"You are locked out.
Call our service center."
Well, how could I, call them I mean?!
Nothin happened when I pressed on 'enter'...

So I sent them an email
discussing my urgent distress
Took a nap while I waited
Distracted me, I guess

Later I saw their answer...

“It'll take us 48 hours
to undo this mess
please bear with us
have a nice day, n God bless.”

48 hours without my cell phone
oh how could this be?
what would I do with myself
48 hours disconnected from my peeps

I felt some anxiety but
realized I'd been drawn
to an electronic device
that held me captive from dawn

So, what'd I do??

Holy cow,

That pile of dirty laundry melted,
I actually cooked my lunch,
took a walk in nature as an eagle soared above
now that thrilled me, quite a bunch

My honey-do list got near completed,
I spent time with God and my spouse,
And stayed up late doin hobbies
Paid the mortgage, on the house.

Met an old friend for dinner,
Took a nap, did some fishin
got a really nice sun tan,
while watchin clouds, n wishin

I planted my first garden,
and painted the shed
knocked out some thriller books
that'd waited to be read

hour 48 arrived
and with it a note
I was nervous to read it
while sittin in my boat

"You've got your life back now,
the glitch is all fixed.
Next time you feel techie,
That idea should be nixed!”

I should have been gleeful
Maybe even done a dance,
but I realized I'd be missin
what I'd neglected to glance

at all I got done...in...

48 hours...
without my cell phone...

Did I really need it?
I'd not missed it at all..
Maybe I'd toss it,
Oh wait... there's a call...