3 Syrian soldiers killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes near Damascus


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3 Syrian soldiers killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes near Damascus
Initial reports from Syrian sources indicated that a number of Hezbollah militants stationed near Damascus were wounded and killed as well.
Published: JULY 22, 2022

Three Syrian soldiers were killed and seven others were wounded in alleged Israeli airstrikes that targeted sites near Damascus on Thursday night, according to Syrian state news agency SANA. According to the Syrian Capital Voice news site, four strikes were carried out targeting sites belonging to the Syrian military and pro-Iranian militias near Damascus. According to the report, a temporary storage warehouse belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was targeted in the Iranian-built Colonel Haitham Suleiman Complex in the town of Hujeira south of Damascus.

Syrian journalist Nour Abo Hasan reported as well that one of the strikes hit the complex, causing casualties among Hezbollah militants. The journalist claimed that large numbers of casualties were transferred to the Imam Sadr Hospital in Set Zaynab, located nearby. The opposition-affiliated Orient News reported that the airstrikes targeted a factory for the manufacture of drones in Set Zaynab and a gathering of Iranian militants nearby, killing at least 10 of the militants.

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