3 killed in Russian airstrikes on rebel-held Idlib, Syrian monitors say


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3 killed in Russian airstrikes on rebel-held Idlib, Syrian monitors say
A woman and two children die in an attack targeting the enclave, which houses the last remaining forces fighting Bashar Assad
By TOI staff
3 January 2022

Russia launched an aerial attack Sunday on an area near the Syrian city of Idlib, the last bastion of rebels attempting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad, ushering in a new year of hostilities, witnesses and monitors said. The attacks killed three people — two children and a woman — according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition-linked group with unclear funding. The White Helmets, an opposition volunteer group, said that an additional 10 people were injured.

The round of airstrikes targeted the Al-Sheikh Yusuf village in western Idlib, the central prison near Idlib city, and the Sejer water pumping station, the monitor said. Another apparent round of attacks bombed 12 sites around Idlib, with no reported casualties. The water station in particular is a vital resource for the community, and was rendered out of commission by the attacks, according to Reuters.

“Continued destruction of civilian infrastructure will only cause more suffering of civilians. Attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure must stop,” United Nations Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis Mark Cutts wrote in a tweet.

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Putin supposedly feels obligated to shore up the Assad regime (even though it is reported that Putin personally detests Assad--calls him a "pig"). Assad has promised Putin that he will protect the 250,000 Orthodox Christians who live in Damascus and, so far, has kept his promise (probably because he knows he would be a dead duck otherwise). A few years back (maybe 10 years ago?), Rick Warren went to Syria and came back gushing about how the Assad regime was protecting Christians. The al-Assad family are Alawites--a minority in Syria, at less than 20% of the Syrian population, but wealthy and powerful. The Alawite religion is an offshoot of Shia Islam but doesn't have much in common with the strict adherence to the Quran of the Shiites in Iran. For the Alawites, the Quran is only one of their holy books and they lean much more to the side of Islamic mysticism (Sufism). They believe in reincarnation, for example. I suspect that reincarnation will be a major tenet in the new "One World Faith" that will be promoted by powers that be. The Hindus invented reincarnation, the Buddhists borrowed it from them, Sufi Islam believes in it and so do Talmudic believers in Kabbalah. Even New Agey "Christians" are prepared to embrace it. We are living in amazing times.