25 Reasons to Believe - In Jesus


Freed By Christ to Serve Christ
I'm so thankful that we have the Holy Spirit as our paraclete and that in our weakness His strength is made perfect. God's children will pass any test of faith in the strength the LORD provides at exactly the time we need to have it. Be encouraged. Without His help I would be very worried!
I couldn't agree more. Most believers are going to be tested like anything ever before. A lot of true colors will be uncovered. Isn't ironic that the major spark the Lord would use would be Same Sex Marriage? More ironic is that they stole the rainbow but God is showing it is still His! He will use it to show the true colors of everyone who has ever said they are Christian. There are tough days ahead but God will cradle and give strength to every true believer who chooses to fill up the sufferings of Christ! Hallelujah