20v DeWalt Chainsaw?


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Anyone have or used one of these? Saw one yesterday for the first time. Thinking about getting my son one for Christmas to add to his collection since he has plenty of batteries, but not sure how well it would work. The drill, impact, bandsaw, grinder, sawsall and even the weed eater are awesome, but just not sure about a battery powered chainsaw. Also, the bar length seems short. We have a gas powered echo chainsaw, but have had issues since we bent the bar and had to replace it.


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I have a tree farm, I grow trees from small saplings to harvest. With this said, I prune, cut and trim all year long. The local salesmen stops by once a month with the latest and greatest new gadgets including these battery powered saws. Here is my take
Pro: If you have one arm in a cast, it would be helpful, you can show it off to your friend next time they stop by.
Con: A good pair of loopers or a Forester hip saw, does just as good and just as fast. a $100.+ for something you might use a few times is money not well spent.
Spent less and get him a good looper, a good set of shears, and a side saw, with the extra money you save youcan buy yourself a milkshake.

Just my humble thoughts

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I did a search on 20V Dewalt Chainsaw and could only come up with one with a 12" blade. I suspect it wouldn't be any good for much more than very young trees. I couldn't seeing it doing much bigger than what a pruning tool could do, which would be much quicker and more efficient. How would the lad be using it, do you think?

I've cut endless amounts of trees down and processed them into firewood over the decades. I'd always purchased cheap gas powered saws with 16" blades. I finally got smart about 20 years ago and purchased a couple of good sized husqvarnas. Twenty years later they're still both doing the job many times faster than the cheap models could ever do it in. If you're doing a lot of cutting, it's wise to have 2 chainsaws for those times when one gets stuck.

If it's for tree branches and stuff like that you can get a 16" gasser for around $150 when they're on sale. That costs a fraction of what a 40V 16" would cost, and it would probably do the job better.


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I do mostly pruning and cutting branches that are to large for the loppers I have so I bought a Harbor Freight electric chainsaw for $40. It's cheap but for what I need it for and as often as I use it, anything more would be a waste of money.


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Many thanks to all you guys! I appreciate your comments. I love my trees, so we really don't cut many unless we have to. Of course, storm damage and such requires it. The 20v DeWalt comes into question because of my late husband. He was always a DeWalt guy. We used 18v when I was his apprentice and we tried our hand for 5 years at running our own business. After he was called home, his employer passed on the 20V kit they bought him to our (soon to be 17 year old) son. He has since been adding to it. After I saw the chainsaw, I wondered if it would be a good addition to his collection. I am all for things we'll use - got a grinder a few weeks ago that he's used several times, including his shop/welding class, but I don't want to waste good money on something that isn't worth it.