2 dead, more than 20 wounded in Norway LGBT nightclub shooting


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2 dead, more than 20 wounded in Norway LGBT nightclub shooting
Gunman believed to be a radicalized Islamist with history of mental illness • Breivik's early release bid rejected
Published: JUNE 25, 2022

A gunman went on a terrifying rampage in a gay bar and the surrounding streets in Oslo on Saturday, killing two people and injuring more than 20 on the day the city's LGBTQ community was due to celebrate its annual Pride parade. The arrested suspect is believed to be a radicalized Islamist who has a history of mental illness, Norway's PST intelligence service said on Saturday. The suspect, who was not named by police, has been known to security services since 2015, the PST added.

The attack took place in the early hours, with victims shot inside and outside the London Pub, a well-known gay bar and nightclub open since 1979, as well as at one other bar in the center of the Norwegian capital. "Many people were crying and screaming, the injured were screaming, people were distressed and scared - very, very scared," said Marcus Nybakken, 46, who had left the London Pub shortly before the shooting and returned later to help. "My first thought was that Pride was the target, so that's frightening."

Journalist Olav Roenneberg of public broadcaster NRK said he was in the area at the time and saw a man arrive with a bag, take out a gun and start to shoot: "Then I saw windows breaking and understood that I had to take cover."

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Norway has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. In order to own a weapon, you must first obtain a permit by proving to the local police that you have a specific, legitimate need for a weapon and that you have taken extensive training in regards to the planned use of that specific weapon. That use needs to be either target shooting or hunting. Yet people still murder each other. And criminals still get and use illegal guns.