15 Arab, Palestinian Mossad spies arrested in Turkey - report


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15 Arab, Palestinian Mossad spies arrested in Turkey - report
Turkish media claimed a Mossad network was caught in the country, just weeks after Hamas-affiliated media made a similar claim.
OCTOBER 21, 2021

Turkish media claimed on Thursday that a Mossad network of 15 Arabs has been caught by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT). The report comes just weeks after Hamas-affiliated media claimed that Palestinian spies were working for the Mossad in Turkey. The report claimed that the suspects were split into five cells of three people each and were all arrested in a covert operation on October 7. The Turkish Sabah newspaper claimed that it was able to obtain the names and photographs of the alleged spies as well.

One of the five cells was in contact with and met with case officers from the Mossad and provided information and documents important for Israel. Information about Turkish and foreign students in Turkey was given to the Mossad in exchange for payment, according to Sabah. The Turkish TRT Haber news reported that Palestinian and Syrian students were targeted by the cells, with a focus on students receiving training in the defense industry, as well as information on associations and organizations. The TRT report included video of the arrests.

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