13 IDF soldiers killed

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25 IDF soldiers and 2 civilians killed

Israel Ramps Up Gaza Offensive After 13 IDF Soldiers Killed - NBC News
An armored troop carrier which was moving into the neighborhood of Shejaia took a direct hit from a shoulder-launched anti-tank missile, leaving seven Israeli soldiers dead, an Israeli security source told NBC News. Six more Israeli soldiers were killed in the fighting that followed, the source said. Fifty-two Israelis were injured in the missile launch and fighting, and eleven of the injuries were serious

13 IDF soldiers killed in Gaza as Operation Protective Edge death toll climbs to 18 | JPost | Israel News

Details released on circumstances of the death of 13 dead Golani troopers - Israel News, Ynetnews
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They are attributing the deaths to the warnings Israel was giving to the civilians to flee, so Hama's knew where to attack them. Israel, despite being estranged from God, is still bearing testimony to her God in showing mercy even to those who are relentlessly persecuting her - Israel is to be a witness to the nations, right?http://www.israelnationalnews.com/wap/Item.aspx?type=0&item=183127

Praying this all goes quickly, to minimize losses on both sides. War and terror is just so ugly. :(


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This is war and Israel realizes it and loves all their IDF fighters with dignity. On the other hand Hamas could care less about those brainwashed in Islamic Jihad. Praying to our Heavenly Father for His protection and peace to all of Israel and comfort all the families who lost IDF hero's standing up to terrorism.


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:crying Prayers for the protection of the IDF. Peace strength and comfort for the families of the dead soldiers. :pray::pray::pray: