11 Egyptian security personnel killed after foiling 'terrorist attack'


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11 Egyptian security personnel killed after foiling 'terrorist attack'
A group of militants attacked a water-lifting station east of the Suez Canal, according to an army spokesman.
Published: MAY 7, 2022

One officer and 10 Egyptian soldiers were killed on Saturday in Egypt's Sinai peninsula when militants attacked a checkpoint at a water pumping station, an army spokesman and security sources said. It was one of the deadliest attacks in recent years in northern Sinai, where Egypt's security forces have been battling Islamist militants with links to Islamic State. The attack occurred on Saturday morning on the road leading east from the Suez Canal to Hasanah in the center of Northern Sinai, two security sources said.

Militants attacked with an explosive-rigged vehicle and fired heavy weapons installed on pick-up trucks, before military reinforcements fought them off and gave chase, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "The terrorist elements are being pursued and besieged in an isolated area in Sinai," Egyptian army spokesman Gharib Abdel Hafez said in a statement, adding that five others had been injured in the attack.

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